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A community for creators to find peers, seek mentorship and discover best practices. We are YC for content creators.

Kevin Parry

DA stop-motion animator and a video wizard, @kevinbparry built his YouTube page to over 1.65 M subs and Instagram page with 1.3 M followers with his oddly satisfying work. In this #Discover100Creators, let's check out Kevin's inspiring creator journey 🧵

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You may know him as a record-breaking streamer or the most followed streamer on Twitch or @Ninja. With 18.4 M followers on Twitch, in this #Discover100Creators let's break down how Tyler Blevins' made it to the top.

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Sourav Joshi

Building a channel having over 18.6 Million subscribers within 3 years, #SouravJoshi became one of the fastest-growing Indian YouTubers ever. In this #Discover100creators, find out how Sourav became India's number 1 vlogger at a young age.

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Casey Neistat

From being a dishwasher living in a trailer to becoming a YouTube icon with an estimated net worth of $16 million, Casey Neistat dominated the creator space like no other. 💥 Unfolding @Casey's inspiring YouTube journey in this #Discover100Creators 🧵

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Matt D'Avella

#Discover100Creators You may know him as a Minimalist lifestyle guru and filmmaker. With 3.56 Million subscribers, @mattdavella has been one of the most entertaining, most loved and fastest-growing YouTubers. Here's how Matt became influential🧵

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Sumukhi Suresh

#Discover100Creators You may know her as Parvati Bai or Sumukhi Chawla or Pushpavalli or India’s Tina Fey. Once upon a time a librarian, now makes everyone laugh and has established herself as a comedian and creator. Here's unfolding @sumukhisuresh's self-made journey to fame:

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Ali Abdaal

#Discover100Creators Here's how @AliAbdaal went from being a Cambridge University Topper to becoming one of the Most-Respected Creators on the Internet 🧵

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Bretman Rock

#Discover100Creators From comedy to makeup tutorials to reality TV, @bretmanrock is known for his humor and authenticity. With over 9 Mn subs on YouTube, 18.5 Mn followers on Instagram and 14 Mn on TikTok, Rock became Playboy’s first gay male cover star. Here's his journey🧵

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Kusha Kapila

#Discover100Creators You may know her as the Swaggy South Delhi Girl or Instagram’s Billi Mausi! With 2.8 Million followers on Instagram, @KushaKapila is one of the most popular creators in India and an advocate for body positivity. Here is the celebrity creator's journey🧵

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Steven Bartlett

#Discover100Creators A drop-out at 18, an award-winning CEO at 25 and the youngest Dragon on Dragon’s Den at 28, Steven Bartlett is a prominent name in content marketing. His podcast tops listener charts & his book is a best-seller. Here's @SteveBartlettSC's creator journey:

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