#Discover100Creators You may know her as Parvati Bai or Sumukhi Chawla or Pushpavalli or India’s Tina Fey. Once upon a time a librarian, now makes everyone laugh and has established herself as a comedian and creator. Here's unfolding @sumukhisuresh's self-made journey to fame:

But who is @sumukhisuresh? Sumukhi is a creator who does it all- acting, comedy, writing, direction and more. Unlike the usual, her style of comedy shows that there's much more in it beyond cross-dressing and stereotyping. And she is a proud feminist.

👧🏻 Life After School Sumukhi was raised in Nagpur. After graduating from school, she picked Home Science only to realize it wasn't meant for her. She decided to move to Chennai and pursued Food Science instead.

Sumukhi then moved to Bangalore to work as a librarian at a children’s library. Soon she started working at a food lab and ran a bakery. She was happy with her 9-5 and had a decent salary but she wanted more. That's when she turned to comedy! https://twitter.com/sumukhisuresh/status/762284414969663488

Sumukhi started with improve in 2013 and then took up standup and sketches within a year's time. And soon she decided to take it up full-time. With 30k in her bank account, she packed her back and moved to Mumbai in 2016 to pursue her passion- comedy. https://twitter.com/sumukhisuresh/status/505050920594321408

🌟 What happened next It took some time for Sumukhi to find her voice but once she did there was no stopping here. She went on to shoot a mockumentary Better Life Foundation, featured in Star Boyz, created Bheti Naak and the list goes on. https://twitter.com/sumukhisuresh/status/1229291060100136960

🌟 Hows it going Initially, Sumukhi's parents were not supportive but now are her biggest cheerleaders. Currently, Sumukhi has her hands full with @motormouthwrite. She founded Motormouth to write long-form and short-form shows, movies & stories centering on female characters. https://twitter.com/sumukhisuresh/status/1487019712814874625

Recently, she had her solo standup 'Hoemonal' in London. When it comes to social media, Instagram specifically, @sumukhisuresh treats it as an open playground and has no planned strategy (and that works out the best for her). Follow her for your dose of laughter and fun! https://twitter.com/sumukhisuresh/status/1560590271791779840