Building a channel having over 18.6 Million subscribers within 3 years, #SouravJoshi became one of the fastest-growing Indian YouTubers ever. In this #Discover100creators, find out how Sourav became India's number 1 vlogger at a young age.

Who is Sourav? #SouravJoshi is a social media influencer, vlogger, and sketch artist. This gen z artist has a huge fan following, not only children but also adults alike.

✨Where it all began After failing to crack the architecture entrance, Sourav was unsure about his future. Worried, he started accompanying his father to work on the construction site. That's when his brother suggested he must start a YouTube channel & upload his sketches.

In 2015 Sourav started his first YouTube channel ‘Sourav Joshi Arts’. He drew different sceneries, sketches of famous people, portrait drawings & more. He even started teaching drawing to his audience for free.

By the time he'd uploaded about 250 to 300 videos, he had only 3-4k subscribers. But his passion for art kept him going. Fast forward to date, Sourav has 3.94 million subs on his art channel.

✨ Starting a second channel With a view to explore and expand, Sourav started a new vlogging channel named 'Sourav Joshi Vlogs'. He initially uploaded drawing videos like his other channel. Later, he started uploading Q&A videos as well as vlogs of daily life.

Sourav's old subscribers took interest in his daily life and the channel soon reached 20k subscribers. However, his permanent address couldn't get verified as per YouTube policy and his account got suspended. This happened twice. But that didn't stop him from starting again.

🤳🏼 365 vlogs in 365 days During the pandemic, Sourav committed himself to a challenge “365 days 365 vlogs". He uploaded vlogs of himself & his family at 8:00 a.m. IST. Viewers loved his content & over time his channel was flooded with subscribers & he got 1Million views per day

Sourav's commitment to vlogging is at another level as he still uploads vlogs every day. He has worked hard to grow his channel and stay consistent. He plans to be more creative, stay grounded and share most of his life with his viewers.