#Discover100Creators You may know him as a Minimalist lifestyle guru and filmmaker. With 3.56 Million subscribers, @mattdavella has been one of the most entertaining, most loved and fastest-growing YouTubers. Here's how Matt became influential🧵

Let's get to know Matt a bit! @mattdavella is an award-winning documentary filmmaker & commercial director. He creates content about taking a realistic approach to minimalism, sustainable habits & breaking out of one's comfort zone.

👦🏻 Early Days Matt has been into filmmaking since his high school days. He'd spend his lunchtime & study hall hours working on videos. By the time he was in college, he started taking up freelance video projects.He was stoked to be able to get paid to do something that he loved

📽️ Filming a documentary After freelancing for eight years, Matt hit the road with @JFM and Ryan in 2016 to make a documentary about the minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism turned out to be the highest-grossing box-office opening weekend of any independent documentary of 2016. https://twitter.com/mattdavella/status/1017397933996691456

They were able to get their second feature-length film on Netflix in 2021. The film tackles issues with choices, hoarding, capitalism and more. The documentary was nominated for an Emmy too! https://twitter.com/mattdavella/status/1523812500000493568

Matt also directed Design disruptors. It reveals a never-before-seen perspective on the design approaches of companies and how they are overtaking billion-dollar industries through design. https://twitter.com/mattdavella/status/992071293922172929

📹 Becoming a YouTuber Matt started his channel in 2011 but only started posting consistently after Feb 2017. Over a year and a half, his video went viral and he found his voice. He planned his videos well, wrote and figured out how did he want the video to turn out.

Matt decided to take things a notch up and did ads, and brought in brands and sponsors, did things that he enjoyed and built a team too. https://twitter.com/mattdavella/status/1551077505800347648

🎙️ The Ground Up Show Matt started the @groundupshow in Feb 2017. On the podcast, Matt sat down with creators to talk about their process, the lessons they've learned & how to make an impact. The podcast has 111 episodes and over 2 million downloads.

What is Matt up to lately? Matt took a month off social media in September 2022 and now posts one video a month on his YouTube Channel. He is also doing one or two courses every year about filmmaking, creativity and business on slowgrowth.com