#Discover100Creators A drop-out at 18, an award-winning CEO at 25 and the youngest Dragon on Dragon’s Den at 28, Steven Bartlett is a prominent name in content marketing. His podcast tops listener charts & his book is a best-seller. Here's @SteveBartlettSC's creator journey:

Let's get to know Steven a bit! @SteveBartlettSC (a.k.a Steve) is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, vlogger, podcaster & investor who was featured in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2020. The Botswana-born businessman has also won accolades at the Great British Entrepreneur awards. https://twitter.com/SteveBartlettSC/status/1475874556065857539

👦🏻 Growing up Coming from a humble background, Steven was disciplined and independent as a kid. He hated going to school as he had to learn things he didn't enjoy. He'd never turn in his homework and so his teacher would often call him a 'useless student'.

Steven didn't have the privilege of owning fancy stationery like other kids back then. He knew he had to work hard and sell things to make some money. He made small profits over stuff he sold to his peers. He'd even sold cigarettes at one point.

By the age of 17, he was running multiple small businesses- launched a website that sold Japanese fashion to the UK and had an event company 'XI' that threw 3-4 events a month. When he was 18, he moved to Manchester to study business.

💥Turning Point Steven went to study business in the hope of learning and meeting like-minded people, but it turned out to be a nightmare. After his first class, he decided to drop out, despite having bills to pay. His mother too said she'd abandoned him. He'd hit rock bottom.

But he had a vision- To mend communication in the student world. He started documenting his journey on Facebook in May 2011. He wrote about his struggles and leanings. He also took up a job at the call centre. Two years later he launched, Wallpark overcoming all challenges.

✈ Becoming a Digital Nomad After quitting Wallpark, Steven took a trip to Thailand. The foundation for @SocialChain was laid there. He started consulting for various businesses, travelled to different countries and leveraged what he'd learnt over the three years at Wallpark.

🎙 Sharing his diary What started as an experiment and hobby now makes Steven $1.2 Million A Year. Today, The Diary Of A CEO is the most listened-to business podcast in Europe. https://twitter.com/SteveBartlettSC/status/1498699794373660680

Steven believed in the medium of podcasts and communicating stories. Though he started the podcast in 2017, it was only at the end of 2020 that he decided to be consistent and started shooting. He also had The Diary of a CEO LIVE Tour this year. https://twitter.com/SteveBartlettSC/status/1505541728589205507

📺 Getting on screen Steven’s television debut happened in 2019. he played an undercover role in Channel 4’s The Secret Teacher. In 2021, he joined Dragon’s Den in its 19th season on BBC. He officially became the youngest Dragon to join the show. https://twitter.com/SteveBartlettSC/status/1157032482384109568

✍🏻 Writing a book Steven published his first book, Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfilment, Love and Success in March 2021. The book made it to the Sunday Times best-seller list on its debut! https://twitter.com/SteveBartlettSC/status/1378661886737125383

⚡What is Steven up to lately? The entrepreneur was valued at £71 million by Forbes when he was 26. He announced two new companies, Thirdweb & Flight Story in 2021. Steve actively updates his 2.1 Million followers on Instagram & uploads 2 podcasts per week. Follow him already!