#Discover100Creators Here's how @AliAbdaal went from being a Cambridge University Topper to becoming one of the Most-Respected Creators on the Internet 🧵

Does the name Ali Abdaal ring a bell? Ali is a well-known YouTuber, podcaster, entrepreneur & online teacher. The former doctor graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2018 & worked as a doctor for two years. He has built a reputation for being transparent & informative.

👦🏻 The Early Years While he was 12, Ali gained basic coding skills. He tried his hand at freelance web design, freelance graphic design, being a developer and a couple of other businesses but ended up failing.

🩺 Life in Med School Ali was a med student at @Cambridge_Uni. At 19, he was scammed as he ended up buying a dodgy Macbook off Craigslist. He thought of how could he make up for the loss and that's when he came up with teaching courses to help people get into med school.

He wondered if he could teach two people, why not make a website & market this course around the country? Ali along with five other med school colleagues started a company called 6med that even today serves test prep & tutoring material to thousands of students each year. https://twitter.com/AliAbdaal/status/1531682957764841472

Ali got on YouTube to market his business. He created videos about med school at Cambridge, tips on how to ace BMAT exam, etc. He started his channel in 2007 but only got serious in 2018. It took him 6 months & 52 videos to get his channel eligible for monetization.

Ali taught himself editing skills & transitioned his content from everything med school to more about tech, productivity & education. In Aug 2020, he wanted to step back from his channel and travel the world but the pandemic struck. And he ended up going full-time as a creator. https://twitter.com/AliAbdaal/status/1485641383167803392

🎙️Diving deep with Podcasts Ali along with his brother @taimurabdaal Ali started a podcast- titled 'Not Overthinking'- in March 2019. It's a weekly podcast about happiness, creativity, the human condition and much more. https://twitter.com/AliAbdaal/status/1576957585042722817?s=20&t=oeWNgBNB6AJaYCIrOmd4vA

In September 2021, Ali then started his podcast YouTube channel by the name Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal. Over the past 4 seasons, he has interviewed many famous personalities and YouTubers like Marques Brownlee, Max Fosh, etc. https://twitter.com/AliAbdaal/status/1588174466106134528

🖥️ Online Courses In 2020, Ali also started releasing courses on Skillshare. His first course was a video editing class which was relatively successful. Fast forward to the end of 2020 and Ali made around $515,000 on the platform. https://twitter.com/AliAbdaal/status/1243581954307559424

He also has a live cohort course, Part-Time YouTuber Academy. About 400 people signed up for the first cohort in November 2020, and it did really well. And in 2021, it brought in $2.4 million. https://twitter.com/AliAbdaal/status/1587112492727255040

✍🏻 Soon to be an author Ali has been writing a book for a while now. You can join his journey and read the past issues of his Book Journey here https://aliabdaal.com/book-journey/

Did you know that last year Ali made $4.1 Million in revenue? Thanks to his 14 income streams! Follow @AliAbdaal and sign up for his newsletter Sunday Snippets where he shares actionable productivity tips and practical life advice! https://twitter.com/tf_dao/status/1497172086665592832