From being a dishwasher living in a trailer to becoming a YouTube icon with an estimated net worth of $16 million, Casey Neistat dominated the creator space like no other. 💥 Unfolding @Casey's inspiring YouTube journey in this #Discover100Creators 🧵

Does the name Casey Neistat ring a bell? 🤔 Casey was a “YouTube filmmaker” before it was cool! He is also a director and producer and gained insane popularity from his vlogs and entertaining short films.

Casey has been an inspiration to the generation. The self-taught filmmaker is well known for his video iPod’s Dirty Secret and TV show called The Neistat Brother.

✨Where it all began Casey’s rise to success was no easy feat. But despite having “made it” into the “exclusive club” of filmmaking, Casey felt he was living somebody else’s version of the dream. He created his channel in Feb 2010 & started publishing high-quality short films.

For about 5 years, Casey posted one to two dozen videos per year. Most didn’t get a lot of traction but some went viral. It wasn’t until 2015, that he feels his career as a creator took off. For a remarkable 534 days in a row, he created some of the best content on YouTube.

🤳🏼 Daily Vlog In May 2015, Casey launched his daily vlog. Every single day he put out another video, keeping the viewers enticed and interested in his content. He found inspiration, set up video shots, edited the video, added graphics & music and then uploaded it to YouTube.

Casey started most of his vlogs with a time lapse and ended it abruptly. While the time lapses at the start fit in with the overall theme of his vlog, the ending left viewers wanting more! 👀

✨How's it going Casey scored multiple brand deals and was also awarded the GQ New Media Man of the year in 2016. He quit his daily vlogging adventures in 2016 but now he's back where it all began. Currently, he has 12.5 Million subs and more than 3 Billion views! 🤯

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