#Discover100Creators From comedy to makeup tutorials to reality TV, @bretmanrock is known for his humor and authenticity. With over 9 Mn subs on YouTube, 18.5 Mn followers on Instagram and 14 Mn on TikTok, Rock became Playboy’s first gay male cover star. Here's his journey🧵

Who is Bretman Rock? Definitely not your average beauty vlogger. An icon in the LGBTQ community, Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga is a talented Filipino beauty influencer & social media personality. He's made it to Forbes 30 Under 30- Asia & ranks #27 on Forbes Top Creators list.

👦🏻 Early Days Rock immigrated from the Philippines to Hawaii as a child. At the age of 5, he was fascinated with beauty products when he watched watch his grandma get ready for church. But it was only when he was in 5th grade, he touched makeup for the first time.

Rock was a star of his high school track team. He'd sign up for soccer, volleyball, cross country and track. He made sure to stay grounded, focused on maintaining his 3.5 GPA and was a part of the Student Council. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRL7ywnlPZa/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=948c3f86-7b78-4cdf-a0ba-0b15f27caedede

🎥 Getting on social media Just like any other teenager, Rock signed up on Vine, Snapchat & YouTube by 8th grade. He would make videos in his spare time. Though he rose to fame with his beauty tutorials, he started his journey by uploading comedy videos & fashion-related stuff.

Rock's Vine video went viral his freshman year. This motivated him to make videos on Vine and Snapchat. He managed to be in the spotlight once again after one of his comedic YouTube videos, called "How to Contour" started trending. And it's been uphill from there... https://twitter.com/notabtsvid/status/687759509951922177

📺 Hitting the Big Screen Rock has a cameo in Bella Poarch & Sub Urban's Inferno music video. He also starred in his reality TV show, MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock and 30 Days with Bretman Rock. https://twitter.com/bretmanrock/status/1358904968221126657

Rock is also the voice of Makeup Boy on the series "The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder" which premiered earlier this year on Disney+. https://twitter.com/FlyingKetchup/status/1439560189615566854

❌ Ignoring the haters Rock's schoolmates called him names, and others referred to him as weird. He faced a lot of criticism due to his choice of clothing, but this didn't stop him. But his family stood by his love of beauty and his mom let him experiment with her makeup.

Rock never gave up and continued to experiment. You'd often find him calling out his haters with sassy posts on social media. Follow @bretmanrock and watch him slay with his stunning sense of style in the future.