DA stop-motion animator and a video wizard, @kevinbparry built his YouTube page to over 1.65 M subs and Instagram page with 1.3 M followers with his oddly satisfying work. In this #Discover100Creators, let's check out Kevin's inspiring creator journey 🧵

💥 Let's get to know Kevin a bit. @kevinbparry specializes in creating mind-blowing illusions and mesmerizing stop-motion. Famous for his incredible visual effects, Kevin has worked on animated movies The Boxtrolls, and has been showcasing his talent all over social media. https://twitter.com/kevinbparry/status/820686798925897729

💥 Starting online Kevin worked on slow-mo short films for his thesis in grad school. He sent it to film festivals but believed it had more potential of blowing up online (and he was right!). His video became a Vimeo Staff Pick and garned a lot of attention.

📹 Creating for himself Kevin started taking up side projects while having a 9-5 in Toronto. The projects that he worked were mostly for friends and those managed to work successfully online. His work not only blew up on Reddit but also celebrity-artists recognised his work.

Kevin taught himself to write eye-catchy captions & figured out strategies to make videos viral. But it was only in 2015, he took brand building seriously during the end days of vine. He decided to give it a try & started creating content on weekends and whenever he was free.

💥 Delivering Value By the end of 2016, Kevin started taking instagram seriously and worked on building an audience. He started sharing behind-the-scenes videos and wrote long form captions. He delivered value in a way that was engaging and interesting. https://twitter.com/kevinbparry/status/946820184823738368

People started loving him for his art and for his tutorials. He was named an "Animator to Watch" in 2016 by Variety. https://www.instagram.com/kevinbparry/

If you are someone who is interesting in animation, filmaking or vfx, make sure to join Kevin's discord 👇🏻 https://twitter.com/kevinbparry/status/1604184722279919617