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What is the ICE Prioritization Framework?

Marketers love coming up with new ideas for things to test. But how do you prioritize which tests to run next? That’s where this prioritization framework comes in. [🧵 thread]

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5 Popular Marketing Frameworks

Feel like you're constantly reinventing the wheel with your marketing campaigns? You need a shortcut. You need marketing frameworks. Here are 5 popular marketing frameworks you should know if you want to save time and get better results. [🧵 thread]

1/ The 4 P's of Marketing - Product - Price - Promotion - Place This concept was first proposed in 1960 by E. Jerome McCarthy. Personally, I think it's a bit outdated, but since it's still widely shared in college-level marketing courses, it's a good one to be aware of.

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Grow Your Newsletter

So, you want to grow your newsletter? Here are 5 quick tips for getting more subscribers 🧵👇

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Getting Started on TikTok

There's no denying that TikTok is a great place to build your brand right now Here are 10 quick tips for getting started—WITHOUT spending $$$ on ads 🧵👇

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Generate Better Ideas as a Marketer

Want to generate better IDEAS as a marketer? Here's how to create your own swipe file for endless inspiration Thread 🧵

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Email Deliverability in a Nutshell

Email deliverability is an important—but often overlooked—part of email marketing Here are 5 factors that contribute to it and how to get more of your emails into the inbox Thread 🧵

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How to Create Better Marketing Offers

Your offer is more important than pretty much anything else in your marketing funnel Here are 6 ways to supercharge your offers Thread 🧵

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Start a Newsletter in 10 Steps

How to start a newsletter in 10 steps Thread 🧵

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4 Things to Test on Landing Pages

Marketers often get stuck when it comes to TESTING their landing pages They either test the wrong things—or things that don't matter as much as you think they do So... here's my 4-part framework for what you should test on a landing page Thread 🧵

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My 10 Copywriting Rules

10 rules that will make you a better copywriter ...with examples THREAD 🧵

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