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Ren's Music Is Like a Drug

I’d never experienced true music fandom until a friend sent me the track “Hi Ren” by @Renmakesmusic on New Years Eve. I couldn’t get enough. Played it on repeat for hours...

Ren’s music feels like a drug. Every song is so different and deeply moving. His range is unreal. Regaee, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz and just about everything else. He does it all. Any song he covers he miraculously makes entirely his own.

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London Writers Salon; the Go To Resource for Writers

London Writers Salon is a thriving online community that connects writers from all over the world. Born in the pandemic, @WritersSalon has grown into one of the best online communities for writers. Reasons why LWS is a *must join* community for new and established writers;

Founded by @paruledits and @trinetti, London Writers Salon was created to provide writers with a supportive and collaborative space to share their work, receive feedback, and connect with other writers.

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Substack vs Beehiiv newsletter platforms

If you're trying to figure out what newsletter platform to go with... Here's some quick observations of Substack vs Beehiiv;

Beehiiv will win in the referral and monetization game long term - analytics - recommendation engine - engaged community - internal company newsletter that spotlights it's creators

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Simple No Code Membership Site for Community Builders

Community builders deserve to get paid 🫶 We lead with so much heart. Burb’s new simple site builder for memberships called “Launch” is going to be an absolutely game changer for us Here’s what @burbteam is building;

Community builders would feel so much ease if we could just focus on love, not tech. When @drewdil shared with me he and @phildini were building a new product called “Launch” to help community builders get paid via a stupid simple membership landing page I got super excited 🤗

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Shifting My Perspective to Pronoia

"Pronoia" is my favorite word. When I shift my perspective to pronoia it completely improves my life. Pronoia is the belief that the universe is conspiring to support and empower you. I learned it during an interview with @lauragaliyeva while doing my podcast live in Kazakstan

Pronoia is in contrast to Paranoia - the more common belief that the universe is out to get us and that we are constantly facing challenges and obstacles.

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The "Ubuntu" Philosophy

When I learned about the "ubuntu" philosophy I was able to evolve my ability to be compassionate, my willingness to be understanding, my desire to be patient and how vital my commitment to Ubuntu would be more both my relationships and my inner world. A bit about what ubuntu is;

Ubuntu is a term from the Bantu languages of Southern Africa that is often translated as "humanity towards others" or "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity".

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Benefits of Creating a Newsletter using Beehiiv

Are you thinking about starting a newsletter? Or maybe you already have one but you're not quite sure how to grow your email list or monetize your content Been fangirling over @beehiiv, a new newsletter platform built by the team that grew Morning Brew to 3.5 million subscribers

I set up a newsletter on @beehiiv to see how it functioned compared to aweber, mailchimp, substack etc Here's what I discovered so far; Beehiiv has an incredible referral program. I was able to easily create incentives so subscribers who recommend my newsletter are rewarded.

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12 Questions to Build A Thriving Community

Are you struggling to build community… One of my friends struggling to build community too DMed this morning asking for guidance. I sent him these 12 thoughtful questions below that should fix the issue for him and for you to create and grow a successful community; ⬇️

1. where’s your community live (platform) and why was that platform selected? 2. what deep pain does your group solve for community members? 3. is that pain you’re solving laser clear to people in your community? 4… (next tweet)

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Remote Podcast vs In Person Podcast

I've produced over 700 podcast episodes My podcasts were always in person until the pandemic I've been remote podcasting for 2 years 2 months and 12 days as of today. It's not the same, however... There's pros and cons to both in person and remote podcasting... Pros/Cons are🧵

Pros of remote podcasting: 🎙🖥 • no commute, can interview more people • @SquadCastFM integrates w/ @dolby - remote high quality audio • never worry about losing a recording - Squadcast has backups Famous podcaster Alex Cooper lost an in person recording - defective SD card

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How to Create a "Life Changing" Cohort

In March I launched my first cohort. Members called it "life changing" 119 people across 22 countries joined. Kicking off this week is my next cohort. I kept it under 20 people and didn't market it. Here's why I'm going small this time...

Creating a cohort is artwork, it's the ability for me to love without boundaries and feel valued while doing so. It's a true honor to be a part of each person's journey. Some members like @kwame_johnson have called being in my cohort "life changing" https://twitter.com/Kwame_Johnson/status/1512902201512931332

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