Sep 15

Create LinkedIn Drafts

Typefully allows you to publish on ๐• / Twitter and LinkedIn, but until now you had to always create an ๐• draft first, and then also pick LinkedIn as a destination.

You can now directly create a LinkedIn draft by clicking on the new drop-down menu in the "New draft" button.

You need to be at least on the Creator plan to connect a LinkedIn account.

Sep 14

Emojify Your Posts with AI

As you may know, Typefully has a smart AI assistant called Vesper with a variety of rewrite modes. You can click on the โœจ icon on your posts or press Command + J (or Ctrl + J on Windows) to open it.

We've added new commands to quickly add emoji to your posts, so you can save a few minutes. Just search for "emoji" on Vesper to try them.

CleanShot 2023-09-14 at 09.17.05@2x.png

Aug 28

Download Analytics Data as CSV

If you're on the Creator plan or higher, you can now download data from any Analytics chart as a CSV file.

This new feature empowers creators to analyze metrics more effectively and double down on their best performing content.

CleanShot 2023-08-28 at 11.04.38@2x.png

Aug 28

Tags and Metadata

Typefully has added new ways to organize and enrich your drafts. Now you can add tags, internal titles, and even write in a scratchpad for each draft.

Tags are part of the Creator plan. You can also easily filter and search drafts by tag via the Command Bar - which you can invoke via the usual Ctrl/Cmd+K shortcut.

Jul 20

Boost your engagement with Auto-DMs

The wait is over. Today we're finally introducing Auto-DMs.

Easily create giveaways, send content to your community, and boost engagement on your tweets. Creators who tried the beta have gained hundreds of followers.

Auto-DMs are part of our Creator plan, and you can learn more about them in the Help Page.

To get started, click on the publish button on any draft and activate your first campaign.

Jun 30

New Mac App Shortcuts

We've added new keyboard shortcuts in our Mac app to make it easier to switch drafts and accounts.

  • Switch drafts with โŒ˜ โŒฅ โ† and โŒ˜ โŒฅ โ†’
  • Change account with โŒ˜ โŒฅ โ†“ and โŒ˜ โŒฅ โ†‘

Discover more shortcuts on our help page.