Feb 8

Quickly Adjust Scheduled Time

You can now quickly change the scheduled time for your posts from the Schedule interface. It's much faster than having to reschedule the post completely.

Jan 8

Discord and Telegram Profile Links

Click "Customize" in the top right corner of your Typefully profile page to add Discord and Telegram links.

Your Typefully profile is a great way to make sure your posts are truly yours, by giving them standalone pages that are also indexed on Search engines. Learn more here.

CleanShot 2024-01-08 at 10.58.12@2x.png

Jan 3

Emoji Picker

Browse and add emoji to your drafts with our new Emoji Picker.

You could already type ":" and write an emoji alias to add emoji, but we've now added a convenient picker in the editor bottom toolbar.

Here's how it looks:

Dec 14, 2023

Write 𝕏 Long Form Posts with Typefully

Long form posts are a great new way for 𝕏 Premium subscribers to engage with your audience on 𝕏, without being limited by character count.

You can finally write 𝕏 long form posts in Typefully.

We can't support publishing and scheduling yet, but there’s a workaround: you can in fact copy the long form text from Typefully to manually post in on 𝕏.

As soon as 𝕏 adds long form support to their API, you'll be able to schedule and publish directly from Typefully.

Nov 13, 2023

New Platform: Mastodon

You can now write, publish, and schedule Mastodon drafts.

This is the third platform supported in Typefully, after 𝕏 and LinkedIn. However, what makes this update particularly important is that it includes a complete revamp of Typefully's editor and core functionality, paving the way to add more platforms soon.

Mastodon support, just like LinkedIn, is part of our Creator plan.

Sep 15, 2023

Create LinkedIn Drafts

Typefully allows you to publish on 𝕏 / Twitter and LinkedIn, but until now you had to always create an 𝕏 draft first, and then also pick LinkedIn as a destination.

You can now directly create a LinkedIn draft by clicking on the new drop-down menu in the "New draft" button.

You need to be at least on the Creator plan to connect a LinkedIn account.