May 22

Tag Users in Photos

If a tweet contains pictures, click on "Tag People" under it to tag any user.

Users are notified when they're tagged in a picture, so it's a great way to mention users without taking up precious characters of your tweets.

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May 5

Typefully for Mac

We've built a beautiful Mac app to help you focus on your content, without the distraction of your browser tabs.

You can download it here.

CleanShot 2023-05-05 at 17.10.11@2x.png

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Mar 14


You can now create and post polls on Twitter via Typefully.

Conduct surveys, gather opinions, and get to know your audience better. Simply click on the new Polls option on any tweet to get started, and add up to four options.

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Mar 8

Publish to LinkedIn

These days it's essential for creators to expand their audience reach beyond just Twitter.

One way to achieve this is by publishing content on LinkedIn to tap into a vast network of professionals and grow your audience faster.

With Typefully, it's easy to publish your content on LinkedIn. Connect your LinkedIn account and cross-post your tweet and threads on LinkedIn. That's it.

This new integration is part of our paid Creator plan.

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Feb 22

Repurpose published posts

Creating a great content queue is much easier if you can tap into your published content.

It's now easy to repurpose your published posts: just click on "Pick" in an empty queue slot, and then check out the new "Repurpose published posts" tab.

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Jan 17


Typefully now sends you email notifications about important activity on your account.

For example, you’ll be notified about:

💬 New comments and replies
📆 Newly published content (especially useful for teams)
🔃 Engagement activities, like auto-retweets

You can find notifications in the in-app menu, and customize what you receive via email in the Notification settings.

What this means for teams

The new notifications give teammates more visibility on what gets published and when.

In the example below, Fabrizio enabled email notifications even for tweets and threads that are published on the Typefully account, which in part of a team.

CleanShot 2023-01-17 at 17.27.09.png

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