Nov 23

Drag & Drop in the Queue

Easily rearrange your content schedule by dragging and dropping your tweets and threads.

You can drag any scheduled post in a free slot, or drag it over a different post to swap their orders. This is also a very convenient way to make space in your content queue for new content.

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Nov 16

Vesper, your AI Writing Assistant

Vesper is a new smart AI writing partner inside Typefully that can:

  • Rewrite your tweets in different styles and correct mistakes
  • Give personalized tweet ideas
  • Continue writing when you're stuck
  • Give comments with feedback improve your tweets

It works right inside the editor you're familiar with:

Feeling stuck? 💭

Ask Vesper for inspiration, and it will add more text for you:

Sometimes you feel like something is off 🤔

Ask Vesper for feedback 💬 — just like with a teammate, friend, or professional editor:

Don't know what to tweet? 🤔

Vesper will also look at your best tweets and give you personalized tweet and thread ideas 💡 based on them.

(this one is for current subscribers since we need analytics data, which is a paid feature)

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Oct 11

Remove Link Previews

When you add links to your tweets in Typefully, automatic "Open Graph" previews are shown, just like on Twitter.

To remove a link preview, click the X button. You need to hover the link preview on desktop to see the remove button.

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Sep 15


Share your drafts and let anyone leave comments for free inside Typefully.

Just select any text or click the new comment button under the current tweet you're editing to leave a comment. Share your draft to let anyone else leave comments as well.

Learn more on the Sharing & Commenting help page.

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Aug 25

Remember Auto-Retweet & Auto-Plug

Set your preferred Auto-Retweet and Auto-Plug settings as defaults for your new drafts. Read more about these engagement tools in our help pages.

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Jul 19

Writing Prompts

Tweeting consistently is very hard, but it's essential to grow an engaged audience.

Typefully makes it easy with Writing Prompts, a growing library of prompts and ideas to kickstart your writing process.

We've partnered up with Mattia Righetti to create this library of high-quality prompts, each coming with example tweets to take inspiration from.

To get started, click on "Writing Prompts" at the bottom of the editor on an empty draft.

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