Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites worldwide. The platform's marketing possibilities are endless with over 217 million monthly active users.

All-in-one Twitter promotion tools like Tweet Hunter are excellent for unleashing Twitter’s maximum power. They unlock Twitter’s marketing potential for you and help grow your online presence and brand with ease.

But is Tweet Hunter the best tool for this? At Typefully, we believe that with so many options available nowadays, everyone should have the information to decide which service is best for them.

In this review, we’ll go over Tweet Hunter’s core features, so you can decide whether it’s a good fit for your business. And if Tweet Hunter isn’t for you, we’ve got the perfect alternative in Typefully, which we’ll also discuss.

Tweet Hunter vs Typefully

Before diving into Tweet Hunter’s core features, let’s take a look at the key ways it matches up to Typefully.

  • Tweet Hunter is a Twitter ‘content manager’ that specializes in AI-generated tweets but lacks the ability to write quality, authentic-sounding tweets. However, Typefully is built to enable your creativity and especially help you write killer threads.
  • Tweet Hunter’s analytics page is much more basic, whereas Typefully has a more elegant analytics display — with graphs and other useful features to help you track engagement.
  • Both Tweet Hunter and Typefully have the ability to schedule tweets, but Tweet Hunter can be more complex and difficult to use. Typefully on the other hand offers a far more intuitive display that can be helpful to both new and experienced tweeters alike.

Those are the main differences between Tweet Hunter and Typefully. They both have similar functions, but Tweet Hunter is often complex and its unique features are often superficial to the needs of most people.

On the other hand, Typefully is built around minimalism and simplicity. It’s easy for everyday use and helps you create the best threads and tweets you can, without AI-generated tweets being the core focus.

Feature-by-feature Comparison


Tweet Hunter


Write and Schedule Tweets






Create Top-Tier Threads



AI-Written Content



Organic Writing Prompts



External Profile to Unroll and Showcase Best Threads












What is Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter is an AI-powered tool designed to be an all-in-one marketing and promotional kit for Twitter.

With it, you can:

  • Create and schedule tweets.
  • Use AI to generate tweets and idea prompts.
  • Track your analytics to ensure that your page is growing successfully.

This helps you tweet regularly, grow your audience and widen your reach. Tweet Hunter approaches tweet scheduling with a unique angle — using Artificial Intelligence to help creators and brands write tweets.

Tweet Hunter’s Key Features

Tweet Hunter is packed to the brim with features. With such a complex user interface and so many features presented to you, it can be hard to see what it actually does. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Tweet Hunter has a library of AI-generated tweets that you can use. These tweets are designed to go viral and create engagement.

You can alter this to fit your profile and personality, or use AI to rewrite the tweet originally.

Just type in a keyword or @handle to find some suggestions and tweet templates. With Tweet Hunter, you can rewrite tweets with AI and even predict your tweet's performance before it's published.

While AI-powered writing is a neat feature, we’re not quite sure whether most Twitter creators may benefit from this. Tweet suggestions are a great jumping off point, but we find that AI-written tweets tend to have a strange tone, and are easily recognizable as ‘bot’ content.

Similarly, Tweet Hunter’s pre-made tweets are useful. But most accounts should be writing their own content to ensure a consistent, engaging brand voice.

Tweet Scheduling

Set your tweets and threads to be posted when you want them to. Schedule your content weeks in advance through an "add to queue" system.

With Tweet Hunter, you can pre-write your tweet threads and release them when ready. By doing so, you ensure you are releasing content consistently.

The UI for this tweet queue is fairly intuitive. You can see all the tweets in your queue at any time, and adjust them when needed.


Tweet Hunter is full of automation tools such as auto-retweeting and auto-DMs. Send DMs to people when they interact with your tweets.

This feature is particularly helpful for when you’re distributing free resources like cheat sheets or guides. You can simply release a tweet asking for followers to reply to your post, and Tweet Hunter will automatically send those accounts a DM.

Other automation tools include:

  • Auto retweet
  • Auto plug
  • Evergreen


Tweet Hunter has an analytics tool that provides data on your tweets’ performance.

This tool gives you an overview of your most popular tweets, and how well your overall Twitter marketing strategy is performing.

It tracks:

  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Daily follower growth
  • Profile visits

You can even use Artificial Intelligence to help boost your profile visits and engagements with a click of a button. However, we’ve found this isn’t the magical wand it promises to be in practice.

Tweet Hunter's Pricing

Tweet Hunter is quite expensive. With a tiered pricing structure, the cheapest option is $49/month — and prices can go up to $99/month.

While it can be pricey, it does offer a free-trial, so you can figure out if it's a good fit for you. An important point to note is that the A.I features are only available on their most expensive plan, which might be disappointing for those subscribing to the cheaper plan with this feature in mind.

Pros and Cons


  • Tweet Hunter helps you create more engaging tweets.
  • The AI features offered by Tweet Hunter are powerful and unique
  • You can mass schedule hundreds of tweets.


  • Tweet Hunter is expensive. Its functionality is similar to alternatives - other than its AI features.
  • Tweet Hunter’s user interface is challenging to use and designed to only really benefit those using its AI.
  • Relying heavily on Tweet Hunter’s AI approach may not be the best way to organically grow your audience for those who value authentic connections.

The Best Tweet Hunter Alternative: Typefully

Tweet Hunter is a great all-in-one Twitter marketing tool. But for those brands and creators who aren’t too interested in its AI capabilities, it’s pretty expensive for what you get.

Fortunately, we have a perfect alternative!

Typefully is a thread creator, scheduler and Twitter marketing suite that’s designed to help you write better tweets and grow your audience.

It’s a simple but effective tool for streamlining the way you create content on Twitter.

How does Typefully compare to Tweet Hunter? Here are some of Typefully's best features:

Great Thread Editor with Mobile Preview

Twitter threads or tweetstorms are groups of tweets that appear together in a user’s timeline.

By grouping your tweets together, you can tell longer stories, offer more detail and convince customers more effectively. Buffer found that threads enjoy 54% higher engagement than singular tweets.

Typefully’s thread editor helps you create engaging threads in minutes. This visual editor gives you a useful preview, so you can see how your thread will look upon posting.

Typefully will keep track of your tweets characters and split them up into individual tweets for you.

Tweet Scheduling Based on Suggested Slots

Typefully’s tweet scheduling tools are both easier to use and more powerful than Tweet Hunter’s approach. It allows you to pick slots to schedule your tweets based on the best time to engage your audience.

You can schedule your threads after you've written them by hitting the schedule button. The scheduled time can either be picked manually or you can leave it to Typefully's algorithm to find the best time for you based on your engagement data.

Thread Prompt & Ideas Generator

Instead of relying on an AI-writing tool, Typefully prefers you use your creativity and unique brand voice to create new ideas.

Get fresh prompts and ideas whenever you write. You’ll even be shown some examples of popular tweets.

These idea prompts are kept in a searchable database. Need some new ideas? Simply pick your intent category and you’ll be presented with some fresh ideas to spur your imagination.

Typefully’s Pricing

The free tier allows you to write threads using Typefully’s beautiful editor and even add images. The Starter plan - for only $8 a month - unlocks scheduling, videos, analytics and more!

If you have more than 1 account, you should opt for the Creator plan. This allows you to connect 5 accounts at a time for $19 a month. Finally, if you work in a team, the Team plan - unlocking collaboration - will set you back $39 a month.

Master Brand Building on Twitter With Typefully

Tweet Hunter offers a lot of features and a decent service at a very steep price. If you aren’t convinced by its AI writer, why not try an alternative?

Rather than creating AI content that feels cold and fails to nurture your profile’s growth, Typefully instead gives you the tools to make great threads and content to attract people to your profile.

Its brilliant thread editor, great scheduling tools and awesome collaboration system make Twitter marketing a breeze! So, why not supercharge your Twitter? Get started with Typefully today!

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