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Sperax Emissions Cuts and Gauge Launch

I've been farming to accumulate a small $SPA bag. The @SperaxUSD partner list is next level with @GMX_IO, @GainsNetwork_io, @CamelotDEX, @rage_trade, @JonesDAO_io, and the soon-to-launch @vela_exchange. It's lagged behind the market and has multiple ongoing narratives. Mini 🧵

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The New APEX Pro Onchain Derivatives Market is Gamechanging

The @OfficialApeXdex is Game-changing. - Permissionless On-chain Derivatives - No KYC - Launched on MATIC, BNB, ARB, and ETH - Huge VC/MM Backing - Partners w/ @Bybit_Official - Built on @StarkWareLtd - Lowest On-chain Fees - $10M+ Trade-to-Earn Incentive - 🔥 UI/UX + mobile 🧵

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Thena & Partner Protocols are Primed for BNB Liquidity Takeover

The @ThenaFi_ launch could take over the @BNBCHAIN liquidity markets. Their prelaunch blue-chip partner list includes @fraxfinance, @TheDaoMaker, @ankr. @MultichainOrg, along with 20+ other protocols. Bluechip partners + $THE / $veTHE Solidly = Day 1 Demand. Thread 🧵

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Camelot - Fighting to be Arbitrium's Top DEX

The genesis pools & $GRAIL public sale are ongoing @CamelotDEX on @arbitrum. Stacked partnerships, game-changing $GRAIL tokenomics, and creative plans for NFT-based liquidity are a few reasons this could win the @arbitrum DEX wars. This one is worth the deep dive... 🧵 ↓

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Counterparty Risk in Wrapped Tokens (wBTC/renBTC)

I've been doing some research on $wBTC for the past 24 hours. I'd recommend steering clear of any wrapped assets for the time being. Highlighting some of my concerns to eyes on this and hopefully clear up some of the concerns around wrapped asset custody + liquidity. 🧵 ↓

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Elon's Plan for Dogecoin/Twitter Integration!

The blockbuster deal between @elonmusk and Twitter is being underestimated by the web 3 community. I've been reading between the lines and believe $DOGE. $SHIB, $DC, and $BONE are about to lead the crypto markets. Here's why $DOGE is a 🤖 killer! 🧵 ↓

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$HERMES / $METIS Updated Incentives Proposal!

The new #MetisMarathon proposal from @HermesOmnichain means massive liquidity coming to $METIS projects could be only days away. Millions of dollars are being injected and directed towards deep liquidity for the entire ecosystem. Let's dive in.. 🧵 ⬇️

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$HERMES Metis Marathon Proposal is Juicy

$HERMES is a high conviction play for me. Solidly fork on $METIS (+ @arbitrum soon), multiple protocols aggregating/locking, proposal for millions of $'s in grants, incoming supply crunch, and could soon become the leading liquidity hub on $METIS. 👀 The details ⬇️ 🧵

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Dogechain Brings Billions of Capital to Web 3.0

Everyone is sleeping on @DogechainFamily. A massive $DC airdrop, billions of $$$'s flowing in from Robinhood, and devs building an onchain ecosystem means Elon is no longer $DOGE's biggest catalyst. $DC has potential to be one of the largest web 3 catalysts for new users ⬇️ 🧵

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Hummus Haircut Speculation

Look at @hummusdefi hitting the #1 TVL spot on $METIS at ~$16M! A bit of foreshadowing of what is to come with the rest of the #MetisMarathon over the next few weeks/months. Volumes on $HUM are through the roof lately which means the incoming $veHUM swap fees are juicy.🧵 ⬇️

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