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Thoughts on Pricing

Pricing art is hard. Pricing is also, perhaps, the biggest variable that an artist can control in marketing and selling their work. A couple of thoughts on pricing, a 🧵…

Pricing should take into account the quality of the specific work in relation to your entire body of work. In other words, your best work should be priced highest. “Average” work should be priced lower. You know your best work; price it accordingly.

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My 2023 Predictions

It's the first day of 2023, so it's a good day for my first thread of the year. My 2023 predictions, a 🧵...

NFTs: We will see continued innovation in NFTs with many large companies continuing to dip their toes into web3. I expect that we'll see more experiments like Starbucks Odyssey.

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On Setting Prices and Being a Successful Artist

1. Artists frens: If you reach out to one of your collectors and ask them for permission to list your next piece for less than your last piece and they respond no… Do not listen to them. They are thinking about their short term bags and not your long term career.

2. I know one of your dreams: to make a living from your art full time. To do that, you must actually sell pieces. Sometimes that means selling a new piece for less than your last piece. That might be because the last piece was exceptional and justified a higher price, or…

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Apocalypse: Collecting "Proof of Spirit"

A couple of days ago, I acquired a new piece from @apocalypticform, entitled "Proof of Spirit", from his most recent collection. A 🧵...

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The Memes

As we approach the end of Season 1 of The Memes by @punk6529, I want to share my thoughts. A 🧵...

The Memes were announced waaaay back in June (which in NFT time is like a decade back) with this tweet from 6529. https://twitter.com/punk6529/status/1534965126901682181?s=20&t=XKROop-Olsp04mhZW6FsCQ

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We Must Not Sacrifice Permissionless Systems

One of the core features of crypto is that it is permissionless. Operator filters - blacklists embedded in smart contracts that prevent users from using certain dapps - are antithetical to this core feature. A short 🧵...

What does "permissionless" mean? Essentially, it means that a user can do whatever they want with their assets and can interact with applications on the blockchain without the authority of anyone else.

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ACK's Great Color Study

The thread linked in tweet 2 by @lphaCentauriKid explains the process and thoughts behind The Great Color Study and is well worth a read. As I've said before, I believe it is, perhaps, the best work of performance art we've seen in the CryptoArt space. A few thoughts, a 🧵...

Here's the thread by ACK. Read this first! Seriously... I'm going to reference things here that are explained there. https://twitter.com/lphacentaurikid/status/1596891764253937665?s=61&t=2M7AcTY0b_n86p1Lgdb3DA

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Artist's Holding Supply

1. When an artist holds back supply, they don’t actually have to hold an identical of the piece that is being sold. If you’re selling an edition, sure hold a couple. If you’re selling a 1/1, mint a different 1/1 at the same time and hold that.

2. This is not a new concept. Picasso died with an estate valued at $100 - $250 MM (unadjusted!) and the VAST majority of that was over 10k of his own works in various media. He held back supply. You can do the same.

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Artist Spotlight: Mashiro

Abstract painters are some of the most recognizable artists in the modern world. Rothko, Pollok, and Kandinsky are among the greatest artists to ever live. This week's spotlight covers one of our own digital-first abstract painters, @A_Mashiro_nft! A 🧵...

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Don't Get FOMO Scammed

Let’s talk about FOMO. I’ve seen way too many FOMO based exploits in the last couple of days and it makes me really sad to see people lose WETH and valuable NFTs due to FOMO. 👇

This thread by @0xQuit is an excellent example of a FOMO induced loss. https://twitter.com/0xquit/status/1588013906836193281?s=61&t=lgxrM15G0E40xFTP5e0w3A

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