If you’ve violated the Twitter Terms of Service, you can easily find your account getting suspended. However, accounts do sometimes get suspended falsely. This can be for a multitude of reasons, and can often result in temporary or permanent loss of access to your account.

In these situations, you may be wondering how to get your Twitter account unsuspended. Thankfully, there are methods which can help get your account back, depending on your suspension.

At Typefully, we believe that everyone should be able to use Twitter how they want. That’s why in this article, we’re going to take a look at Twitter suspensions and how to get your account unsuspended. We’re also going to discuss why your account may be suspended in the first place.

Why does Twitter Suspend Accounts?

There are three main reasons why Twitter suspends accounts:

  • Spam: If an account is made to spam posts constantly, Twitter will suspend it as these types of accounts are against Twitter rules.
  • Account Security At Risk: If Twitter detects malicious activity in regard to account security, it’ll suspend the account to try to stop any security breaches or risks.
  • Abusive Tweets Or Behavior: Violations of Twitter rules will often result in temporary or permanent suspension.

Accounts that are suspended due to breaking Twitter rules will often require an appeal to unsuspend, whereas security-breached accounts will require some form of identity verification (acting as a lock).

How to Unsuspend Your Twitter Account

1. When you log into your suspended account, complete any steps that you’re told to do (such as email verification or SMS verification).

(Image Source: https://blog.interactiveschools.com/blog/my-twitter-account-is-suspended-how-to-unlock)

2. If there are no steps to be taken, head over to the Twitter Appeals page logged into the suspended account and fill in the Appeals form.

3. If you have any further unresolved issues with Twitter account access, contact the account access support team on their page.

This is the only process that can help get your account unsuspended. This means that if you’ve been banned for a legitimate reason, there’s no way to unsuspend your account.

If you’ve been temporarily suspended, you’ll just have to wait for the suspension to end to be able to access Twitter. If you’ve been permanently banned, then any attempts to evade the suspension with a new account are in breach of Twitter Rules.

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