Do you own a personal account on Twitter? If so, you know how exciting of a platform it is. If you are not on Twitter, don't worry, we'll let you in on its excellent benefits.

First, the platform allows you to express yourself unhindered. It's a safe outlet to get something off your chest and find people with similar worldviews as yours.

Secondly, Twitter is the perfect place to catch some fun, gather information, discover what's trending, and discuss controversial issues. Think of all the incredible social media benefits you wish to enjoy — Twitter likely has them already. But did you know that Twitter also has fantastic privileges your brand or business can leverage?

At Typefully, we've discovered numerous unique benefits to owning a business account on Twitter, and we're excited to share them. Keep reading to start taking advantage of one of the most powerful social media platforms on the web!

Top 10 Twitter Pros for Business Owners

Here's why you need to make Twitter an essential part of your business's online marketing strategy:

Get Inspiration for New Content

Let's face it — coming up with content that generates leads for your business website can be challenging. But you can't just ignore content marketing as you already understand its importance.

Content creation helps you build an emotional connection with your target audience while nurturing prospects into your sales funnel. It's no wonder why 66% of marketers have increased their marketing budget since last year.

So, how do you find content?

We suggest using Twitter for new sources of inspiration. With an average of 6,000 tweets per second and 500 million tweets per day, you'll definitely find something that inspires your content. You can also use Twitter to discover trending topics in your niche and create engaging content by reacting to them.

Plus, who says you have to generate your content all the time? You can keep your target audience engaged with your brand by sharing valuable content from multiple sources. To find content, start by following a hashtag or picking a topic in your industry.

Improved Customer Support and Feedback

Did you know that 67% of customers wouldn't mind paying extra for improved customer service? This proves how essential customer service is to retaining clients and boosting revenue.

Fortunately, Twitter is one platform that you can use to take the quality of your customer service up a notch. Your clients can quickly reach out to your brand to ask questions, give recommendations, or make complaints. This makes it the perfect platform to interact with them and address their concerns speedily. You can even create a business Twitter account strictly for this purpose.

Through feedback from your clients, you'll have an idea of how to improve your products and service delivery. Continuously improving your products and services to match your customer's growing needs endears them to your brand. This creates a win-win situation for your business and clients.

Valuable and Actionable Customer Insights

More than just putting out tweets, it's essential to know how effective they are.  You need to know what helps you achieve your marketing goals and what doesn't. That way, you can optimize your strategies for the best results.

Twitter analytics provide customer insights to determine your engagement rate through numerous metrics. They include mentions, profile visits, follower growth, tweet impressions, and more. This means that you'll have enough data to analyze your audience's likes and dislikes.

Typefully provides you a platform to boost your Twitter growth with engagement analytics to optimize your marketing strategy. With this tool, you can discover insights into the best time to post a tweet for high engagement and how users engage with your tweets.

Reach Millions of Customers in an Instant

Twitter had 206 million monetizable daily active users globally as of the 2nd quarter of 2021. This makes it the perfect way to grow a global brand and promote your products and services. Marketing is all about going where your audience is, and luckily for you, your potential customers are likely on Twitter.

With just one or two valuable tweets, you can potentially spread your brand's message to millions of people worldwide. With this platform, your content can go viral in no time. This is just one of the many reasons why Twitter is better than Facebook.

You can also take advantage of the massive user base to drive traffic from Twitter to your website. Twitter allows you to reach your target audience through hashtag use, ensuring that your brand targets only those interested in your products and services.

Boost Engagement With Twitter Threads

Twitter threads (tweetstorms) are an excellent way to get more impressions and engagements on your tweets. They allow you to host giveaways, tell a story, do a tutorial, hold creative marketing campaigns, resurface old content, and more.

The best part is that making tweetstorms is easy, especially with a thread-writing app like Typefully. It allows you to publish and schedule posts for the appropriate time with just five simple steps. You can also publish your threads as beautiful blog posts and schedule tweetstorms from multiple accounts.

Easier Employment Process

Did you know that you can achieve a seamless employment process with Twitter?

This is one of the more unique benefits of Twitter that many brands ignore or don't leverage to the fullest.  Many tweeps are on Twitter for career growth, with ‘Careers & Marketing’ being on the top 100 Twitter global conversations in 2021.

So, instead of brainstorming a complex recruitment process, you can quickly make your hiring announcements on your bio. Follow this up by sharing stories about your team, using industry-specific hashtags, sharing thrilling benefits, and running a paid campaign.

Utilizing this technique, you'll receive quick responses from interested potential employees without searching too far. It's one of the most straightforward processes for finding talent across almost every niche.

Improves Brand Awareness and Identity

How well do your potential clients recognize your brand? How do you project your brand’s identity to your leads or prospects? These factors go a long way in determining your company's growth rate.

Fortunately, Twitter can help to boost your brand awareness and identity by making your products and services a household name. You can achieve this by using the platform to create valuable content that your audience — and their followers — will love to share.

As your followers comment and mention your brand, keep the conversation going by replying to them. This will improve your chances of showing up on non-followers feeds and increase your brand visibility/awareness.

Improved Brand Image and Personality

Brand image refers to how your customers view your brand based on their interactions with your business. It includes how you present your products and services to the public. Elements of the brand image include your business' logo, tone of voice, vocabulary, imagery, fonts, etc.

On the other hand, your brand personality is your company's characteristic trait. It's your brand identity communicated in human characteristics. For example, does your brand come off as competent, exciting, sincere, or sophisticated? This helps you draw customers with similar dispositions as your brand.

While Twitter gives you a platform to showcase your brand image, it builds your brand personality. Creating content with a tone that compliments your brand voice will draw customers with similar views.

Successful Community Building and Improved Customer Loyalty

By easing brand/client communication, Twitter provides a friendly environment for your online business to thrive. It allows you to create a social unit with users with your brand's same interests, attitudes, and objectives. This community of like-minded customers enhances engagement, increases brand visibility, and attracts more customers to your business.

Building a brand community on Twitter helps you foster trust and create an emotional connection between your customers and your brand. As a result, you'll have a loyal following who will also become good brand ambassadors. They will also serve as an inspiration for you to keep pushing in challenging situations.


One of the benefits of a business account on Twitter is its low operational costs. This makes it highly suitable for small businesses or brands on a tight budget. You don't need to pay anything to open an account and access low-cost marketing and analytics tools.

Learn How to Get Twitter Famous With Typefully

If you want to maximize Twitter's competitive advantage as discussed above, our competent team at Typefully can help. We can help you gain popularity on Twitter, attract your target audience, and grow your revenue in no time.

From creating engaging tweets and threads to analytics and other unique features, we're here to help your business grow to the next level. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help.

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