Seeing Twitter Analytics for another account, besides your main one, can be essential to understand how that account is performing.

Metrics like profile visits and impressions determine what content is popular, and what is not performing well. This way, you can optimize your next tweets to perform better or even go viral.

Read on to discover how to see a detailed analytics dashboard like this:

This is Typefully's Grow tab.

Seeing Twitter analytics for your own accounts

Twitter itself has an official Analytics page where you can see how your tweets are performing.

The problem is that it's not particularly detailed and comprehensive:

There's not a lot of information at screen here on your account.

Typefully offers a great level of detail, and you can even discover what are your best-performing tweets in any time period.

Typefully Streaks and Tweets views.

To see all these Twitter analytics, follow these steps:

Typefully will start analyzing your tweets with great detail and populate your dashboard.

Checking Twitter analytics of other people

Typefully users can share their analytics page.

For example, here's mine:

If you want to see the Twitter analytics of other people, ask them to share their Typefully analytics page with you. This way to can confront metrics and learn from each other.

Twitter Analytics change the game

There's no better way to grow on Twitter than seeing exactly what are your best tweets and why.

We recommend activating the Typefully Pro plan to let it start monitoring your account and surfacing insightful metrics.

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