Twitter has tons of content, so it’s inevitable that mature or sensitive content will make its way onto the platform one way or another.

To protect users from such content, Twitter has a setting where you can block all sensitive content.

This feature is very useful for blocking content that you may not want to see, and can greatly enhance your experience on the platform.At Typefully, we believe that anyone should be able to use Twitter how they want. That’s why in this guide, we’re going to share how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter.

What is Sensitive Content?

Sensitive content is explicit or mature content that can be found whilst browsing the platform.

Twitter defines sensitive content in the following categories:

  • Graphic violence
  • Adult content
  • Violent sexual conduct
  • Gratuitous gore
  • Hateful imagery

Twitter’s Sensitive Media Policy allows graphic or consensual sexual content but requires it to be marked as explicit. This type of content is usually hidden behind a banner, which you have to consent to in order to view.

Why Should You Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter?

There are many reasons why you may want to turn off sensitive content on Twitter.

  • Discomfort: Whether it be ‘not-safe-for-work’ content or content depicting violence, users might feel uncomfortable with this type of content.
  • Using Twitter Around Others: If you’re using Twitter in the workplace, or around other people, the filter can prevent embarrassing situations.
  • Safety: Some content can be especially triggering for some people and can affect mental health. Using this filter ensures the safety of users.

How to Enable Twitter's Senstive Content Filter

1. Click ‘More’ on your Twitter sidebar. This will open up another menu with many features, including Settings and Creator Tools.

2. Click on ‘Settings and Support’. This opens a screen with a list of options to choose from.

3. Click on ‘Settings and Privacy’. This will take you to your main settings menu.

4. Click ‘Privacy and Safety’. A menu with more privacy and safety menus will open up.

5. Click on ‘Content You See’.

6. Ensure that ‘Display media that may contain sensitive content’ is unchecked. This will prevent sensitive content from appearing on your feed.

Take Control of your Twitter Experience with Typefully

Hiding sensitive content on Twitter is a great way to keep away from things that you don’t want to see on the platform. The platform’s filter tool gives you a great way to control your Twitter experience and ensure that your day won’t be ruined by content you want to avoid.

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