Fabrizio Rinaldi

Fabrizio Rinaldi

How to write Twitter Articles

Mar 28, 2022

Twitter is rumored to be working on articles that can be written and published natively. They will likely be available to users that pay for Twitter Blue, a premium subscription.

The best way to write Twitter Articles without paying, and let everyone read them for free, is by publishing Twitter threads.

Here's how to write a Twitter article as a thread:

1. Write your Twitter article in a dedicated thread-writing app

Threads are sequences of tweets where each one is a reply to the one before.

While writing threads on Twitter can be a cumbersome experience and even sometimes cause the loss of your writing (for example, if you close the tab), you can write threads in a dedicated app like Typefully for free.

Writing a thread in Typefully.

2. "Unroll" your thread and share it on other social networks

With an app like Typefully you can unroll your thread. This is an important publishing step because:

  • It will give your followers a more convenient way to read your article
  • It will give you a link to your article that you can share on other social networks

Here's how to do it:


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