Evergreen tweets are the backbone of nearly every successful Twitter-based marketing strategy. They attract new followers while adding value to your whole audience. And since they’re always relevant, they can be used to good effect again and again.

Fortunately, taking full advantage of evergreen content on Twitter doesn’t require a complicated formula or unlimited resources. You just need a little understanding, the right strategy, and a tool like Typefully to do it.

What is an evergreen tweet?

Evergreen tweets are tweets that are never stale or out of date. They’re always relevant to your audience and add value, whether by informing, entertaining, or motivating to action.

While Twitter has become known for bite-sized pieces of information and fast-paced commentary, its real power can be found in evergreen threads. Today, compelling Twitter threads are shared and interacted with more than almost any other kind of content. They’re the kind of tweets that get passed on and retweeted hundreds (or thousands) of times.

Take this thread from Nathan Barry for example. In it, Barry lays out 8 key principles for navigating wealth creation over 20 tweets. Everything he says is valuable and will be worth reading whether you look over it now or in a decade.

Plus, Barry ends it by linking to an essay where he goes even more in-depth on the concepts he shares in the thread, offering interested readers the chance to learn more. It’s the perfect tool for connecting with old and new followers alike.

You can use a tool like Typefully to create content-rich tweets like Nathan Barry that are served up to your audience at the most opportune times. You can even take advantage of its auto-tweet feature to keep evergreen content blooming on your Twitter feed while you’re sleeping (or getting other important things done). You can also turn your thread into a blog that people can read in a longer format! Here’s a blog on keyword research reformatted from this thread by @JIC94:

Why evergreen tweets are marketing gold

They add real value to your target market, so you can build trust, credibility, and an overall positive reputation. And those are the things that will help you build your platform - and your business.

Here’s a great example of this from Atul Anand, a Notion Certified Creator:

In this evergreen thread, Atul begins with an eye-popping statistic that will make anyone interested in Notion stop in their tracks. Then, he lays out a step-by-step plan for creating and marketing Notion templates.

He even links to other evergreen tweets and threads that he’s created in the past, developing a web of great content for interested users to explore. And at the end of this thread, he asks readers to follow him and retweet the thread.

Atul's thread offers some insight into why evergreen tweets are so valuable for marketers and influencers.

Evergreen tweets build credibility

While Atul Anand claims to be a Notion Certified Creator on his Twitter profile, he gives proof in this thread. No one could read through it and walk away thinking he’s blowing smoke. It’s clear that he knows what he’s talking about.

That’s what quality evergreen content can do for you and your platform. By showing people you know what you’re talking about and backing it up with detailed analyses and how-tos, you’ll build credibility and trust.

Evergreen tweets are always relevant

One of the reasons evergreen tweets are so powerful is their consistent relevance. Evergreen content is designed to be helpful 24/7. That’s clear from Atul's thread. This advice on developing and selling Notion templates will be valuable for as long as Notion is around.

So, no matter when you send out an evergreen tweet, someone will see it who finds it helpful or entertaining. That’s the kind of content that gets liked, commented on, and retweeted. And those reactions fuel your Twitter account’s growth.

Evergreen tweets reach a larger audience

Twitter has a massive user base, with over 200 million active daily users. Unfortunately, only a tiny fraction of a percentage will ever see your tweet - no matter how great it is.

Even content that’s been carefully crafted into the ultimate series of 280 characters will only reach so far. That’s why Atul ends his thread with a simple ask: Follow and retweet. Most people who benefited from evergreen content will gladly respond in those ways, making it more likely they’ll see your tweets the next time you create an evergreen thread. At the same time, more people will see a series of tweets, rather than a single one.

Evergreen tweets boost web traffic

Your evergreen tweets are a doorway into your other content. By including a link to related articles and videos, you’ll be able to drive people directly to your website’s doorstep.

This tactic is especially effective when you coordinate evergreen content across multiple platforms. Write an evergreen blog. Link it to a related evergreen video. And use your Twitter account to send people to both. Atul does exactly this in the thread mentioned above. In the sixth tweet of the thread, he links to the first Notion template he developed, building further credibility and increasing leads at the same time.

This is the ultimate way to cultivate a robust platform by providing great content in a variety of formats, so everyone can enjoy it no matter how they want to connect with you.

The challenge of evergreen tweets

By now, it should be clear that evergreen tweets are a fantastic way to build your platform and market your products and services. Back in the day, you could just copy and paste your best tweet into an app and have it auto-tweet it a dozen times over the next month.

Unfortunately, that’s no longer possible.

Twitter’s TOS, spam, & your hot tweets

Twitter has a terms of service. And part of that TOS includes rules about retweeting the exact same content over and over.

Here’s what they prohibit in their own words: “Commercially-motivated spam, that typically aims to drive traffic or attention from a conversation on Twitter to accounts, websites, products, services, or initiatives.”

But that doesn’t mean that you have to throw your hands up in defeat and give up on your dream of leveraging your evergreen content for social media growth.

You can still make use of your hottest tweets. You’ve just got to do it responsibly.

Tweeting responsibly

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes spam. It’s obnoxious to see the same tweet over and over. But evergreen content doesn’t have to be spammy like this. You’ve just got to learn how to do it well.

Tweet responsibly and you’ll make sure that your best tweets reach the maximum number of people possible, lead them to your website, and increase their likelihood of converting into customers.

How you can make the most of evergreen content

Below, we’ll lay out some of the practical strategies you can use to make the most of your evergreen tweets and content.

Don’t just copy and paste the same content over and over. Tweet responsibly by following the advice below.

Develop a web of evergreen content

Let’s take another look at this evergreen tweet thread from Nathan Barry, the founder and CEO of ConvertKit:

He begins the thread out by teasing what he’s about to reveal about wealth creation. But in the very next tweet, he points readers to a related thread he published a week earlier. In that thread, he described the basics of wealth creation, an evergreen topic related to the other thread.

By creating several related evergreen threads and linking them to each other, you can multiply their impact and keep them in front of your platform’s face for longer. This also makes it easier for new followers to discover your best content.

In a sense, you’re creating a web of quality, compelling threads that build your platform and credibility. But that’s not all you can learn from Nathan Barry’s tweets.

Include a CTA

Nathan Barry concludes all of his evergreen threads the same way: with a simple call-to-action. Take a look at how he does it in this tweet.

Barry simply asks for a reply or retweet if the reader found the information useful. Then, he encourages fellow Twitter users to follow him for more content related to the topic at hand. But that’s not all. Barry also links to the beginning of the thread, so there are no obstacles or barriers to following through with a response.

Barry makes it as easy as possible to retweet, reply, and follow, exponentially increasing the likelihood that people will do it. And the more people who follow through, the larger reach each tweet will achieve.

You can use Typefully to automate this process by having the tool automatically quote your first tweet in one click.

Get Visual

Evergreen tweets shouldn’t just be informative. They should be engaging. And Typefully makes it easy to create and post media-rich threads that grab your audience’s attention. Check out this tweet from Austin Belcak’s thread on writing winning job resumes for an example.

Belcak could have easily left the graph out of this tweet. After all, the key information is in the text. But this graph offers a visual that grabs scrollers’ attention and offers an easy way to understand what the numbers really mean.

Belcak includes a graph to go with almost every tweet in this thread, making it far more engaging than a series of text tweets.

When developing your own evergreen tweets, you should look for ways to incorporate visuals. That could take the form of graphs, photos, infographics, icons, or more. Get creative and take full advantage of Twitter’s media embedding feature.

Analyze past tweet performance

They say practice makes perfect. And that’s true whether you’re learning how to ride a bike or building a stellar social media presence. But practice isn’t just about doing something over and over. It also involves evaluating and learning from your past performance.

By analyzing your Twitter feed, you can gain an incredible amount of insight into what works for you and what doesn’t.

After you’ve been running your account for a few months, take a look at your performance, especially noting your hot tweets. See what they have in common. Do they use specific hashtags? Are they focused on a particular topic? How many likes, retweets and comments do they have?

While Twitter has an official dashboard that offers an overview of your account, Typefully can give you even more valuable information. With Typefully’s dashboard, you can quickly see your best performing tweets, days, and more. And you can even share your analytics page with others. It’s the perfect way to refine your strategy and make the most of evergreen content.

When you log into your Typefully account, you’ll be able to pull up a list of your tweets, similar to what you see above. This gives you the power to quickly see which posts are seeing traction and which are faltering.

You can also click on the individual tweets and get access to live stats. It’s an ideal way to keep track of your evergreen tweets. Then, you can build more content around the topics that are already doing well for you.

Use Typefully for Your Evergreen Tweets

Twitter may not like repetitive content, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the power of evergreen tweets to build your platform. By taking the advice we’ve laid out above, you’ll be well on your way to creating an unstoppable Twitter account.

Putting these strategies has never been easier, thanks to Typefully. You can get started with this incredible Twitter-based tool today at no cost. And if you’d like to take full advantage of its many features, it will only cost $8 per month for a single Twitter account or $19 per month for an unlimited number.

Visit typefully.com to learn more and subscribe.

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