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Problem Vs. Product Risk

Helpful thing to understand for startups: problem vs product risk problem risk = is it really a problem? ex: do we really need tinder for dogs? product risk = people obviously want this, but does it actually work? ex: biz pays you to bring in more customers, can you rly do it

this is common in a lot of early entrepreneurs (i also did this) where you make up some product like "of course every restaurant wants more customers! they will gladly sign up for our rewards program!" then u get a bunch of signups and celebrate but then it doesnt do the thing

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Exactly How I Got Every Clipbot Customer

My most successful startup is @ClipbotTV It makes almost $600/month right now Here's exactly how I got every single customer

Just enough context: Clipbot turns Twitch clips into TikToks and YouTube Shorts and uploads them automatically Strategy #1: Reach out to streamer friends individually and beg them to try it😂 @TheAltF4Stream @ThePrimeagen @retrommo @splashleycodes Results: ~5 users, 2 paid

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Code Being Used As A Weapon

An insane story of code being used as a weapon A huge project just pushed out a new version that wipes your hard drive if your IP is from Belarus/Russia This project is downloaded 1 Million+ times a week It's now a NATIONAL security issue ranked 9.8/10 in severity The story:

This project is what's known as a "package" This means when nerds like me want to write complicated code, we start by downloading someone else's code to save time The problem? Most of the time, this is done _automatically_ So overnight, 30k+ downloads happened instantly

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I Started Over In Thailand

206 days ago, I left my startup, my country, and started over in Thailand. In 36 hours, I go home. What I've achieved, who I've become, and how I feel:

Income Generated: - Total income: $38,805 - Average Monthly Income: $5,543 - Average Monthly Income (Without Work/BS): $1,529 - Hours worked/streamed: 1,315 - Hours worked/streamed (excluding quarantine): 1,000 - Average weekly hours live (excluding quarantine): 36

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What To Expect From Live Streaming Your Startup

Live streaming my work has changed my life. For the better and for the worse. Here's everything you can expect from streaming your startup. A Thread:

Opportunity. You never know who will show up in your chat. I met @levelsio on Twitch. Investors DM me on Twitch. Countless people ask to join my company daily. I've done consulting based just on my streaming knowledge. When you put yourself out there, people will find you.

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I turned down a $150k+ job at 20 years old

I turned down a $150k+ job at 20 years old. How I did it, and why I said no:

Background: I studied game dev and comp sci in college. At the end of my 2nd year, I got really into CS. But, I wanted to see if I was good enough to get a game dev job. I also had a free ticket to GDC (Game Developer's Conference) that year through my college (RIT).

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Why Twitch's New Boost Feature Is Bad

The new Twitch feature isn't pay2win, it's pay2lose. How twitch solved the right problem the wrong way. THREAD:

"The right problem" Twitch's biggest problem has always been discoverability. It's really hard for viewers to find a new Twitch stream. You can't really "go viral" on Twitch. This is where YT outclasses Twitch, and has led a lot of recent discussion on Twitch vs. YT streaming.

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What It Takes To Make It As A Streamer

Streaming is fucking hard. Harder than any other form of content. Harsh advice you need to hear to make it as a streamer, a thread🧵:

You can give streaming all your time, heart, and energy, and see absolutely nothing for it. Streaming doesn't reward you for trying. Streaming doesn't reward you for grinding. Streaming doesn't reward you for caring. Here are lessons from top creators

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