206 days ago, I left my startup, my country, and started over in Thailand. In 36 hours, I go home. What I've achieved, who I've become, and how I feel:

Income Generated: - Total income: $38,805 - Average Monthly Income: $5,543 - Average Monthly Income (Without Work/BS): $1,529 - Hours worked/streamed: 1,315 - Hours worked/streamed (excluding quarantine): 1,000 - Average weekly hours live (excluding quarantine): 36

Income Breakdown - Content - Twitch - $4,300 - Donations - $855 - Projects - NFTLists - $1,200 - Clipbot - $700 - Sponsors.dev - $200 - Sponsors - $3,450 - Consulting - $15,000 - Kinda BS - Random FB Job Referral - $3,100 - NFTs lmao - ~$10k

Content growth: Twitch - Start of July 2021: - 21 avg viewers, 2000 followers - End of Dec 2021: - 50 avg viewers, 4200 followers Twitter - Start of July 2021: - 750 followers - End of Dec 2021: - 1920 followers

How I feel: I'm so happy.

I have so much more control over my life. Every day I wake up and decide what I want to do. I can change the direction of the day or week at the drop of a hat. Some days I wake up and I made money. This has never happened before in my life.

I have so many people that want me to do cool things with/for them. So much opportunity to do so much at every turn. I've learned so much about building things people actually want, and focusing on how to really make money and build cool things.

I wake up and sleep whenever I want to. I live my life exactly as I want to every day. I never feel guilty staying up or waking up late.

I've started to care about my health I workout 3x a week now, and eat much better. I hit my lifting goals!! I've never even had lifting goals!!

I've made so many new cool friends. They only wish for my success, nothing else. Even when they're harsh, I know it comes from a place of love, and it makes it so much easier to improve.

And finally, some people think I'm cool. It feels really nice. I feel like a cool person now, which is something I've really really struggled with for a very long time.

I still don't know where I'll go next. Or what I'll do next. But the person I am now is ready for it. And for a moment in time, i can confidently say: I'm proud of me.