Helpful thing to understand for startups: problem vs product risk problem risk = is it really a problem? ex: do we really need tinder for dogs? product risk = people obviously want this, but does it actually work? ex: biz pays you to bring in more customers, can you rly do it

this is common in a lot of early entrepreneurs (i also did this) where you make up some product like "of course every restaurant wants more customers! they will gladly sign up for our rewards program!" then u get a bunch of signups and celebrate but then it doesnt do the thing

a bunch of customers signed up, but they aren't satisfied why? your product doesn't actually do what you said it does the hard part wasn't the problem your problem statement might as well be "do people want more money" yes, of course but can you actually provide that?

probably not it's really hard to just magically give people money or get people more customers a lot of ML/AI startups fall under this as well can you actually predict what you want to, if not whole biz fails but if you can just "ml to predict the stock market", ur rich now

product risk also changes how you think about validation you don't need to validate that people want money obviously people want money you need to validate if you can actually give money to them profitably you need to validate if your ML model WORKS not if the market wantsit

also a lot of courses have this problem "become a bajillionaire by taking my twitter course"