Streaming is fucking hard. Harder than any other form of content. Harsh advice you need to hear to make it as a streamer, a thread🧵:

You can give streaming all your time, heart, and energy, and see absolutely nothing for it. Streaming doesn't reward you for trying. Streaming doesn't reward you for grinding. Streaming doesn't reward you for caring. Here are lessons from top creators

Reason #1: Stream "views" are bullshit. If you aren't entertaining in the exact 20 seconds someone shows up, they leave. It is ridiculous to expect every moment to be exciting. This makes you feel like shit and you ask yourself "Why didn't they follow? Am I not good enough?"

This is why videos are edited. Everyone sees the same first 30 seconds. You can be SURE the first impression is strong. And every moment can be high quality. You will NEVER get this with streaming. You will always think you're not good enough if you measure this way.

Reason #2: "Even if you're live, nobody will find you" - @HarrisHeller "Promise me you will not do the grinding, hustling, 9-5 putting in my 8 hours streaming because that is all bullshit and a waste of your fucking time. You are literally doing nothing. " - @LudwigAhgren

You never grow on twitch. That's not what twitch is. Twitch is where your audience goes to hang out with you. THIS MEANS YOU NEED AN AUDIENCE. Your goal as a creator should never be to grow the "stream", it should be to grow your Audience. THEN you can stream.

Reason #3: Twitch Stats Don't Matter Twitch teaches you to focus on average viewers. This is a great way to make yourself feel terrible. People have lives. A few of your viewers going to the dentist that day doesn't make you a bad streamer.

If you feel like these things apply to you, you aren't a bad streamer. You are still cut out for this. You CAN do this. But, you have to overcome doing what's easy if you want to achieve something. You have to learn to be a creator first, and a streamer second. Here's how:

Step #1: Don't think of yourself as a streamer. You won't get an audience just on Twitch. So stop thinking of yourself as a Twitch streamer. You're a Creator. Get on Youtube, Tiktok, or Twitter, where people will actually find you. Make that platform your MAIN FOCUS.

Step #2: Set better goals. Don't set follower goals, set CONTENT goals. Put out YT videos or Twitter threads. Aim for one good one every week. "Get friends to keep you accountable. You don't have to be stuck here. Don't let yourself get trapped here." - @EposVox

Step #3: "Document the journey" -@DevinNash You don't have to be special to be a creator. You have to be focused. I'm just some kid with 30 viewers, my opinions don't matter. But I did the research and wrote this thread with opinions from experts. Now you're reading this.

You can do this too. Decide who you want to be. What you want to be known for. Study how to do that. Record everything you learn. Make videos, make TikToks of short lessons, make Twitter threads. Even though you "know nothing", you made valuable content.

You can do this. But it will take time and dedication. But, for some final harsh love from @ludwigahgren: "If you can't dedicate yourself to growing that audience, just quit." Content creation can kill you. Take care of yourself, make sure this is really what you want.