My most successful startup is @ClipbotTV It makes almost $600/month right now Here's exactly how I got every single customer

Just enough context: Clipbot turns Twitch clips into TikToks and YouTube Shorts and uploads them automatically Strategy #1: Reach out to streamer friends individually and beg them to try it😂 @TheAltF4Stream @ThePrimeagen @retrommo @splashleycodes Results: ~5 users, 2 paid

Strategy #2: Find streamers live on twitch that had linked TikTok accounts and offer Clipbot for free this was super scuffed and barely worked but I got a handful of new users and had the first few "word of mouth" recommendations Results: ~8 free users

Strategy #3: All their friends were small streamers, so I made Clipbot free for all streamers below 2000 followers But! I added a watermark so their videos would be advertising for me Results: ??? this was pretty much impossible to track, which was a mistake. track shit.

Strategy #4: Reddit Launch Free customers don't get revenue, so I had to add stripe and do an official launch Launched on /r/twitch on November 23, 2021 Streamed the launch live on Twitch all day begging people for upvotes Results: 50(!) free trials, 11 still active today :D

Strategy #5: Tweet about price increase $6/month just wasn't that exciting so I raised the price up to $15 (mostly because @levelsio and @AndreyAzimov yelled at me) There aren't many twitch streamers on twitter, but there are a few :) Results: 2 paid customers

Strategy #6: Affiliate program People said they wanted to refer friends! Up until literally two weeks ago, this made no money Even big referral partnerships with streamer tools didn't end up converting But 6 months later I got some! Results: 4 paid customers

Strategy #7: SEO I did some keyword research with some free tools and asked SEO people on Twitter for advice I wrote 6 blog posts 3 about competitors vs me 2 about how to use the tool 1 just about a random twitch feature bc it had good traffic Result: 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

It took weeks, sometimes months for my blog posts to pick up, but holy shit this was the best thing I did at this point, I would say more than 80% of my customers come from GOOGLE that giant bump in mid-january is when I started SEO Results: 60+ paid users, tons of free users

An important note is that customers from google came and went in a weird pattern there was churn for sure, but also some months search traffic gave me 0 customers other times it gave me dozens 🤷‍♂️

Strategy #8: Make a free tool I made which lets you make twitch clips with your voice took me 1 day to build it, and again I launched it on /r/twitch on reddit Got ~400 upvotes, got a lot of traffic, but very little usage, and 0 conversions Results: 💩

Now, again randomly, Clipbot is blowing up a bit Getting a new paid user every few days :D Some from word of mouth, others from google Who knows! But I have big new strategies coming up soon I'm going to at least 5x @ClipbotTV before the end of 2022 watch me.