Nov 16, 2022

Vesper, your AI Writing Assistant

Vesper is a new smart AI writing partner inside Typefully that can:

  • Rewrite your tweets in different styles and correct mistakes
  • Give personalized tweet ideas
  • Continue writing when you're stuck
  • Give comments with feedback improve your tweets

It works right inside the editor you're familiar with:

Feeling stuck? πŸ’­

Ask Vesper for inspiration, and it will add more text for you:

Sometimes you feel like something is off πŸ€”

Ask Vesper for feedback πŸ’¬ β€” just like with a teammate, friend, or professional editor:

Don't know what to tweet? πŸ€”

Vesper will also look at your best tweets and give you personalized tweet and thread ideas πŸ’‘ based on them.

(this one is for current subscribers since we need analytics data, which is a paid feature)

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