Fabrizio Rinaldi

Fabrizio Rinaldi

What does gm mean?

Oct 8, 2021

What does gm in text and on Twitter mean? If you've been online lately, you've probably been wondering this. It's been a trend for some time now, especially in some circles.

Simply put, "gm" means good morning. But it's not the family chat good morning, mind you, but an inclusive and positive way to salute each other in online communities.

So, the next time you see a gm on Twitter, you might be stumbling on an active online community, for example, the NFT one.

Gm meaning in text

It's a straightforward and casual way to greet others in the mornings, so you might indeed find it in your close circles and personal chats.

It's usually best found in informal settings, where its meaning in text is very straightforward.

But if you take, for example, the NFT community, you'll see a wide range of similar acronyms:

  • gm: good morning
  • gn: good night
  • ser: an alternative to "sir" to introduce yourself
  • fren: friend, with a community flavor
  • wagmi: we are gonna make it; almost a slogan at this point
  • ngmi: a snarky way to refer to someone with different ideas or outside the community
Beeple is an artist loved in the NFT community. He sold an NFT of his artwork for $69,3M.

Here's a great thread about this specific lingo for the NFT community:

What does gm mean to you?

In the end, something special about joining online communities is indeed learning their lingo, even when it's somewhat cryptic.

In the case of "gm," its meaning is to be inclusive and positive, and it almost reminds me of the good old "forums" where greeting each other was more common, with a strong sense of belonging.

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