Twitter has become one of the most powerful ways to find an audience. The platform has some of the most notable personalities who communicate and interact with the platform. From Elon Musk to Gary Vaynerchuk, Twitter is the number one water cooler for all types of conversations.

The good news is that some of these extremely important individuals offer their soapbox to help promote your brand, goods, or services through influencer marketing.

At Typefully, we help brands and businesses organize, schedule, and craft their tweets. When it is time to grow your Twitter presence, a Twitter influencer campaign can make a significant impact. Here, we will look at how to market Twitter influencer marketing.

What is Twitter influencer marketing?

Twitter influencer marketing is the process of partnering up with someone with a large or targeted following to help promote your brand or your company.

Influencer marketing is effective because people are more willing to listen to someone they trust and follow on Twitter versus an ad. Also, you most likely wouldn’t have to worry about the creative part of the promotion because the Twitter influencer could handle that part for you.

Here are some examples of a Twitter influencer campaign

Why your brand needs Twitter influencers

Here are some ways that Twitter influencers can help build your brand and boost your business.

1). Increase relevant traffic to your site

With the right Twitter influencers, you can have a targeted group of leads to your websites which are more likely to convert at a higher level, primarily because they already have a relevant audience.

For instance, if you run a cookware eCommerce site, then you will need relevant traffic that can convert into customers. if you run a cold traffic ad campaign on your ecommerce website, your ad budget might be wasted on the wrong users or even bots. But if you have a chef influencer in your niche talking about your products, then there are more chances to convert the (sizeable) portion of their following that loves to cook.

2). Gain brand awareness

Sometimes, you don’t need to sell a specific product or a service. Perhaps you just need to boost your brand awareness. You may want to drive more Twitter followers to your account because you plan to launch a company in the future. A good Twitter influencer can essentially “vouch” for you and help build your credibility.

Let’s say that you are a marketing executive that plans to sell courses on marketing. It may be a smart idea to find a Twitter influencer who is known as a top marketer. That person can drive lots of people interested in marketing to your personal Twitter account.

3). Understand your market

Here’s one benefit that most people do not consider - an influencer market can help you better understand your market.

Let’s say you have an eCommerce site that sells beauty products. You can launch three different influencer campaigns that offer three different products and see which one provides the best results. This form of split testing can show you which specific product to more aggressively market in the future.

4). Build social proof

Social proof is extremely important when advertising online. Having an influencer’s name next to your product or service can be a big boost to your brand.

A word of Warning About Twitter Influencers

Some big Twitter accounts may have what are known as fake Twitter followers or not accounts. You will want to verify the number of real followers in an influencer account. This can help prevent you from overpaying for an influencer campaign.

Examples of successful Twitter influencer campaigns

Want to feel inspired? Here’s a look at three successful influencer posts.

1). Pop-Tarts and @brandonvine

Pop Tarts wanted to promote their new line of sweet and salty flavors. To help with this campaign, the brand partnered up with top Twitter content creators @brandonvine to generate 36,000 organic impressions and over 750 brand engagements.

2). Lavazza and several microbloggers

To help generate buzz for its premium coffee products, Lavazza partnered with several microbloggers during their live blogging of the Golden Globes. The results were over 3,000 likes for Lavazza’s Twitter account.

3)  Ahrefs and several industry experts

Twitter is also an effective platform for b2b influencer marketing. A lot of times, you can also generate organic buzz in the industry by being a market leader and having a great product that works.

For instance, Ahrefs is a search engine optimization platform used by tens of thousands of professionals from all over the world. As the platform is fairly expensive, influencers regularly tweet about mini tutorials on how to use the tool to its fullest potential. Here’s one:

How to find Twitter Influencers

Now it’s time to find the right Twitter influencer for your brand. Be aware that you simply don’t want to look at the number of followers that a Twitter account has. You want to make sure that they have the right followers who are likely to engage with your brand.

Here are some tips that you should follow:

1). Look for influencers in your industry

For instance, if you are an entrepreneurial coach, then you may want to consider interacting with founders with a sizable following.
Also, you should check the trending area of Twitter to find names of influential people who may be ideal for your campaign.

2). Use a tool to find the right influencers

You should consider a Twitter analytics tool that allows you to measure the number of real followers and the engagement rate of a Twitter account. Tools such as BuzzSumo can help you get important data about influencer Twitter accounts so you can verify their following and engagement rate.

3) Ask your current audience and influencers

Finally, just simply ask those in your current network who’d be willing to collaborate with you and your business. This simple act allows you to tap into your current partners’ network and helps you build stronger ties with them in the process.

Plus, if they have a following that overlaps, then you can build trust and authority within that specific niche by having more of the big players rave about what you have to offer.

Alternatively, you can run a fun poll on Twitter asking your audience which influencer they’d love to see using your products. This can even help boost your engagement on the platform.

The Importance Of Building a Relationship with Potential Influencers

By now, you will be able to create a shortlist of Twitter influencers who may be right for your brand. But your work is not done. Valuable Twitter influencers are approached by brands all the time.

They do not want to saturate their audience with a bunch of promoted tweets, and will only choose a handful of brands to work with. Here are some tips to help you get access to the most valuable Twitter influencers for your campaign.

1). Make sure the influencer tweets in their natural voice

You don’t want the influencer to sound like an ad when they promote your brand. Be sure to encourage the influencer to communicate in their natural voice so the promotion feels more organic. Avoid handing them a copy. Give them copy points and allow them to create a natural sounding Tweet.

2). Provide the influencer with visuals

Also, you should provide the influencer with visuals if you are selling a product. Tweets with visuals tend to have higher engagement rates. Just make sure that the visual does not look too much like an ad to lend an air of authenticity.

3). Offer a special promotion

You should also consider offering a special promotion with the Tweet. For instance, you can give the influencer a promo code that is exclusive for that person’s followers. The promotion can also help you track which orders are coming from the influencer campaign.

4). Monitor engagement & track conversions

Finally, you will want to make sure that you track the performance of the influencer campaign. As stated in the previous point, you can give the influencer a promo code which can help you see how well the campaign is doing. If you’re posting from your account, you can use Typefully to check how key tweets with the influencer have been performing

Have The Right Tools For Your Twitter Account

As your Twitter account grows, you need to make sure that you have the right tools to help you keep on top of your Tweeting activity. That’s where Typefully comes in.

With Typefully, you can schedule Tweets, create high quality messages without distraction and even turn your Tweet threads into attractive posts. It’s the ultimate tool to help grow your Twitter account. Download the Typefully app free.

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