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Happy to say I've managed to complete my bring back blog pact by publishing 3 posts on my website this month 💪🏽 Now all that's left is to keep posting regularly 🙌🏽 Thanks for putting together this little experiment @ashsmash & @RypeArts! https://twitter.com/akashgoswami_/status/1620362005281656833

For a long time. I've wanted a short domain name but akash[dot]com was taken a long time ago Recently found out you can register .lol domains So, I bought akash.lol today (lol) Currently just redirects to my site but might do something more with it later

Why you need a personal website

Published my first post on my website today: Why you need a personal website Give it a read and tell me what you think of it 👇🏽 https://akashgoswami.com/articles/why-you-need-a-personal-website/

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Joining the Bring Back Blogging Experiment

I've signed up for @RypeArts & @ashsmash's experiment to bring back blogging! 📝 Over the next month, I'll be posting directly on my website (and cross-posting here) so stay tuned! https://twitter.com/ashsmash/status/1608121231076888576

As a reminder, here's a preview of the first piece I'm planning to post this Sunday 🌞 https://twitter.com/akashgoswami_/status/1607730536205930497

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Found out my union has a Discord server Also...I joined the Monzo Union 💪

My favourite posts from The Woke Salary Man

I've recently found a (mostly) personal finance blog online called @wokesalaryman Really love the comic-style format they have going It's targeted at Singaporeans but I found quite a lot of the content they've posted to be really interesting & relevant My favourites so far 👇

What you need to know about inflation 📈 https://twitter.com/wokesalaryman/status/1552954597144412160

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Maximising Rewards Cards

So I came up with a card system that lets me earn rewards regardless of where I am 👇 • Spending in GBP: Amex Rewards card (1 MRP/£1) • Spending in EUR/KR/RON in Europe: Virgin Atlantic Rewards card (0.75 points/£1) •Spending everywhere else: Chase UK debit card (1% cashback)

You might be wondering why I have so many cards? 🤔 I would like to use my Amex card everywhere but they charge a 2.99% fx fee on foreign transactions and it's not accepted everywhere because it's an American Express card

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Folks tend to forget wealth is not all just about money Took me a while to realise that time wealth and physical wealth are a lot more important than the other two types of wealth

Work From Home Tax Rebate

📢 Energy bills are going to soar, so remember to claim up to 2 years worth of tax relief if you have had to work from home due to the pandemic It's rumoured that the Treasury might look into closing off this way of getting tax relief soon (see below for more deets)

I highly recommend reading the @MoneySavingExp blog post that explains what you can do in more detail here 👇🏼 https://blog.moneysavingexpert.com/2020/04/martin-lewis--working-from-home-due-to-coronavirus--claim-p6-wk-/ Regardless, here's a summary below...

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Hey Wallet Withdrawal Guide

🛠️ How to access your @hey_wallet funds using another Solana wallet app 🛠️ If I've sent you some SOL then you might be wondering how you can withdraw this money Here's a really quick guide 👇

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