📢 Energy bills are going to soar, so remember to claim up to 2 years worth of tax relief if you have had to work from home due to the pandemic It's rumoured that the Treasury might look into closing off this way of getting tax relief soon (see below for more deets)

I highly recommend reading the @MoneySavingExp blog post that explains what you can do in more detail here 👇🏼 https://blog.moneysavingexpert.com/2020/04/martin-lewis--working-from-home-due-to-coronavirus--claim-p6-wk-/ Regardless, here's a summary below...

• You can claim relief on £6 a week • You can claim relief for the tax years 2020/21 AND 2021/22 • If you file self-assessment tax returns then you CAN NOT use the microservice BUT you can still claim the relief (you might still be able to claim for previous years)

There is obviously more to it than what I've written above but that's why it's worth checking and reading the full blog post I told some friends recently and they weren't even aware that they could make a claim, so please do check!