I've recently found a (mostly) personal finance blog online called @wokesalaryman Really love the comic-style format they have going It's targeted at Singaporeans but I found quite a lot of the content they've posted to be really interesting & relevant My favourites so far 👇

What you need to know about inflation 📈 https://twitter.com/wokesalaryman/status/1552954597144412160

Questions to ask before giving your money to wealth gurus 💸 (I recommend reading the longer version linked further down the thread) https://twitter.com/wokesalaryman/status/1530165211529113601

Timeless principles to increase your income 🤑 https://twitter.com/wokesalaryman/status/1569976351406587904

A story on failing to achieve financial independence early 💰 https://twitter.com/wokesalaryman/status/1531879241792761856

Why you need to stop saying "money cannot buy happiness" 💷 ➡️ 😁 https://thewokesalaryman.com/2019/07/01/why-you-need-to-stop-saying-money-cannot-buy-happiness/