🛠️ How to access your @hey_wallet funds using another Solana wallet app 🛠️ If I've sent you some SOL then you might be wondering how you can withdraw this money Here's a really quick guide 👇

There are a few things you'll need beforehand before we continue: • An account with an exchange that accepts Solana (e.g. @coinbase) • Your @hey_wallet recovery phrase from when you created your wallet Let's continue ⬇️

The first this you'll need is a wallet app that lets you make outbound transfers We're going to use @solflare_wallet web for this Head to the Solflare website (make sure it's solflare.com) and install the solflare Chrome extension

Once that's installed, open the Chrome extension To access your wallet you'll now need to enter your Hey Wallet recovery phrase (I would suggest also setting up a password as well)

Once you have entered that click 'Next Steps' and pick 'm/44'/501'/0'/0' (sollet, phantom)' from the dropdown menu You should now see your SOL balance listed on the page Click the 'Access' button now

Finally, click the 'Send' button, type in the amount you want to send and the address you want to send your SOL to (this should be the deposit address from your exchange) Once the SOL is on your exchange account you can exchange it for fiat or any other crypto you want