So I came up with a card system that lets me earn rewards regardless of where I am 👇 • Spending in GBP: Amex Rewards card (1 MRP/£1) • Spending in EUR/KR/RON in Europe: Virgin Atlantic Rewards card (0.75 points/£1) •Spending everywhere else: Chase UK debit card (1% cashback)

You might be wondering why I have so many cards? 🤔 I would like to use my Amex card everywhere but they charge a 2.99% fx fee on foreign transactions and it's not accepted everywhere because it's an American Express card

The Virgin Atlantic Rewards card is a MasterCard but also charges 2.99% on foreign transactions (excluding spending in Europe in EUR/KR/RON) That's where the Chase debit card comes in hand ✨ It charges no fx fees and also earns 1% cashback (with 5% interest on round-ups)

The Chase UK card has the added benefit of no ATM fees at Chase US ATMs and I can still earn up to 750 Virgin Red Points fee-free by using my Virgin Atlantic Rewards card via my Curve card in a 30-day period ✈️

Obviously, with the credit cards, I made sure I always pay these off in full so I'm never charged any interest