Family man, seeker and learner. 3X Founder. Now building @cogsyapp. Prev: @_cmcommerce (acq. by @CampaignMonitor) + @WooThemes (acq. by @Automattic).

Predictive Subscription Inventory Insights

The smartest inventory dashboard meets the smartest subscription app in the Shopify ecosystem. @cogsyapp 🅧 @smartrr_app Introducing Predictive Subscription Inventory Insights -> https://smartrr.com/cogsy 🧵below on why we built this.

1/ Stockouts are bad for revenue and even worse for subscriptions. If you can't fulfil a renewal order, that subscriber churns, and your LTV:CAC ratio isn't viable. Prioritising stock for subscribers improves retention and keeps your LTV:CAC ratio favourable.

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The DTC Stack

Publishing a new newsletter (the first one goes out this weekend): https://thedtcstack.com I’m a technologist, and I'm using 10+ years of experience in building software for “ecommerce brands” to write a tech-first publication to unpack what is happening in the DTC/retail stack.

In preparation, I’ve built a system that already tracks 200+ ecommerce enablement companies. Expect to read about the latest product announcement and significant company/commercial news. Along with loads of opinions and pithy takes.

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Klaviyo, brand & value perception

In the wake of the Shopify + Klaviyo investment announcement, I have a fun and impactful anecdote to share about Klaviyo. As context: my previous company (Conversio, now @_cmcommerce) was a direct competitor/alternative.

We would often have merchants switching to us from Klaviyo or switching away from us to Klaviyo. Different strokes, different folks. But we had this one significant watch brand that we lost to Klaviyo that really irked me.

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🧵 Thread

Next up for @cogsyapp, we're building new tools to support brands that hold inventory in multiple locations and/or sell across different sales channels. Early mockups are below. Click the image for the full magic. 🧑‍🎨 (Any brands/operators that want early access, ping me.)

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Launching New Products

Launching new products and figuring out the initial PO sizing is hard. It’s not an exact science either. (Anyone that tells you differently is lying. It’s an estimate at best.) With @cogsyapp we have made this simple & delightful. Preview:

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Production Planning

Super excited about how the new Production Planning feature is coming together. (Being released next week alongside a few other new goodies.)

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EnquireLabs Seed Round

I'm very excited for @mattrbahr & the whole @EnquireLabs team with this new capital injection. https://techcrunch.com/2022/03/28/enquirelabs-aims-to-pull-back-the-curtain-on-consumer-behavior/ They have built an incredible business already & they have built a mission-critical product for so many brands. Here's my take on why:

Whilst the iOS 14 updates in early 2021 have accelerated this push towards first-/zero-party data, I think the value of @enquirelabs has evolved beyond better understanding (marketing) attribution.

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Empowering Wellness

Individuals don't join teams for the perks/benefits. Catered lunches & table tennis only gets you that far. The best individuals join the best teams for the mission, values and culture. The amplify that we have a unique wellness setup at @cogsyapp...

Every team member has a @pleo card & they are encouraged to spend money on their wellness. We have a soft and flexible "limit" in place. Only one rule: You need to account for any expense on your card to your teammates with a straight face.

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Early-stage brands becoming more capital intensive

With the disruption of the supply chain, early-stage brands are seeking larger funding. Aria Growth Partners: “Brands have become more cashflow intensive, as they have to hold more inventory & essentially tie up more cash in working capital” https://www.glossy.co/beauty/aria-growth-partners-managing-partner-amazon-is-starting-to-become-a-much-bigger-player-in-prestige-beauty/ Thread 🧵👇

A big part of how @cogsyapp is thinking about empowering brands is to help them be more agile and proactive in adapting to changes in their supply chain. This means making growth and marketing planning part of the supply chain planning.

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Open-Source DNA

I cut my teeth as an entrepreneur in the world of open-source (WordPress). Years later with the benefit of much hindsight, I can see how this has greatly influenced my entrepreneurial DNA and how we're building @cogsyapp. Some ways in which this has materially shaped me...

1. You can be friends with your direct competitors. I'm still friends with @bgardner today even though we directly competed at Woo. At Conversio, @RytisLauris (@omnisend) & Yoni (@looxio) were competitors. Today they're Cogsy investors.

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