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Is Java Dead ?

"Java is Dead in 2022..." 🧵👇

If you think the same, then this thread is for you! Before we jump into any conclusion let's dive straight into some survey reports came in 2022.

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3 SQL Games to Level up your SQL Knowledge

3 SQL Games to Level up your SQL Knowledge... 🧵👇

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SQL: Beginner Guide to Store Procedures (Part 1/2)

SQL: Beginner Guide to Store Procedures a thread... (Part 1/2)

1. What is Store Procedure? It's a group of SQL statements stored on the DB side, to perform some action (business logic) or perform any DB-related task. SP may or may not return output and may or may not take arguments, they are optional.

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Free 350+ Resources to Start Java Web Development Journey

Free 350+ Handpicked Videos for Java Web Development Save 100+ hours of research a thread...

If you love videos then this is all you need to refer to become full fledged Java Web Developer. No need to refer any other resources. Most of this videos, personally helped me in my Java Web Development journey Let's get started...

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SQL Roadmap for Fullstack Developer

SQL Roadmap for Fullstack/Backend Developer a thread...

Often as Fullstack/BE Developer, we don't know how much SQL to learn. Due to this, few people waste time learning advanced concepts, while few ignore SQL totally. As Fullstack/BE Developer, you're not expected to have mastery in SQL. Because every organisation has DBA Team.

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Become Java Fullstack Development and Get Top Paid Jobs

Become Java Fullstack Developer and Get Top Paid Jobs! a roadmap...

"Why are you talking about Java?" "Bro, Java is outdated!" "Nobody on Tech Twitter is talking about Java hence proved Java has no future" If this is what you're thinking, Hear me Out!!!

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What is CI/CD?

What is CI/CD in DevOps? a thread...

1. Definition CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration - Continuous Delivery.

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Javascript: What is a Promise?

Javascript: What is a Promise? a thread...

1. Real-world Analogy: In Real-world, when we promise, we guarantee to perform something in the future. When the right time comes, we either fulfil it or fail it.

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SQL: What is Indexing?

SQL: What is Indexing? a thread...

1. Definition It is a technique, using which we can improve search performance in our database. Helps in quickly searching the records in the table.

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7 Pro Tips to Out-Perform an Online Interview

7 Pro Tips to Out-Perform an Online Interview a thread...

1. Test the Interview Link Beforehand Record yourself and see how you're looking? Is your voice clear and confident? If your background looks okay? Is there a proper light on your face? Is your internet stable? Every single detail matters. Take it seriously.

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