Phil Freo


VP Product/Engineering at @Close. Side project: TeamHome.app. Into SaaS & remote work. Previously at @Quizlet, @UF.

Started reading through "Remote Works" – good stuff for any manager or leader in a remote team. Also was cool to get a few of my quotes in print in this one.

Async Weeks

About to kick off an "Async Week" next week at @Close within Eng/Product/Design. We work pretty asynchronously normally and don't have a ton of meetings, but we use Async Weeks to flex our async muscles further with 0 prescheduled meetings during the week.

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Product Engineers

Good thread on Product Engineers. Over time I’ve learned engineers can be motivated by different things: - Hard problems - Performance/scalability - Elegant code or system design - Deeply understanding their craft All are valuable but very different than Product Engineers. https://twitter.com/philfreo/status/1631700836609818635

When a startup is tiny they need everyone to wear multiple hats and the “product engineer” role is most crucial IMO. Over time specialization is necessary and the hard/important thing is good collaboration cross-functionally.

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TreasuryDirect password field

In case I'm not the only person for whom TreasuryDirect's login form virtual keyboard is infuriating... I wrote a little browser extension to make the password field editable: https://github.com/philfreo/password-enabler-extension

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Simplest way to have good SaaS technical support is to not ask a customer for any additional info without trying to reproduce the problem or get that info yourself first.

LEGO Boost

Got my 5yo LEGO Boost for Christmas – really impressed, fun way to get kids into programming/robotics. @LEGO_Group https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1611160877977190407

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LEGO Organization

Might be going overboard organizing my kids LEGO…

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Recently at @Close, we had been going in circles for several weeks on a tough Product/Engineering problem. After weeks of Zoom calls and async docs, it felt like we were going nowhere. We tried something different...

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The worst part about "Contact us" enterprise SaaS pricing actually isn't having to talk on the phone, nor is it the pricing. The worst part is even if you're a decision maker ready to buy, you still can't move fast. If someone can't trial and buy a SaaS within 1 day, too slow!

Unlimited duration free trials in SaaS

More SaaS apps should do unlimited duration usage-based free trials. If your product is good, you want to maximize the chance of people actually getting to the aha moment before hitting a paywall. https://twitter.com/philfreo/status/1548704988100173825

Biggest reason to do strict time-based trials is to create a sense of urgency. Especially if you have a real sales process. But many apps would benefit from giving users more of a chance to see any value before getting locked out. Especially if their process is fully self-serve.

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