Jun 20, 2023

Typefully 2.0


Fabrizio Rinaldi


Francesco Di Lorenzo

Over the past year, we have poured an incredible amount of effort into a significant update.

Introducing Typefully 2.0 - the ultimate solution for expanding your audience and creating outstanding content.

What began as a simple Twitter scheduler has evolved into a beloved tool among 100,000+ creators — with powerful features to create a perfect content queue and engage with audiences and communities.

This update makes Typefully even more essential for creators.

Typefully 2.0 is live on Product Hunt 🔥

What's new?

Standalone Mac App

You can finally write and publish without distraction, thanks to our new beautiful Mac app. It features the native hotkeys and behaviors you'd expect in a great Mac app, and it's been polished to make it look and feel amazing.

Cross-Post to LinkedIn

Many creators are having great success expanding their audience on LinkedIn, and we're thrilled to make it possible to do this easily with Typefully.

Rewrite & Improve Content with AI

Utilize AI to rewrite and improve content. We've spent many hours tweaking our prompts to make sure they're perfect for Twitter and LinkedIn creators.

CMD+K Command Bar

Access the CMD+K command bar to become much faster and more productive. Every Typefully feature is easily accessible this way.

And much more

There are countless other improvements, like:

  • Enrich tweets with Polls & Photo Tags
  • Revamped interface
  • Improved collaboration

Ready to write better content and build your audience faster?