Imagine the following situation: -You show up to court to fight a case -On the table is a cell phone -You pick it up -You hear "I am your AI lawyer, please repeat everything I say to the judge" This may sound dystopian, but it will be someone's reality next month 🧵

This thread is going to dive into @donotpay, a company that uses AI to fight cases on behalf of its clients. We've seen AI solve for a number of problems ranging from copywriting to art generation. However, this might be one of the most important applications yet...

Let's start with the problem. For the vast majority of people in America, the legal system is rigged against them. A lawyer is often very expensive, which means those in the lower class are forced to receive punishments that would have been avoidable with money.

DoNotPay's founder @jbrowder1 states that the mission of the company is to democratize legal representation by making it free for those who can't afford it. Here's how they plan to do it...

When a defendant arrives at court, they will receive a call from DoNotPay. On the other end will be an AI chat bot. This AI program will listen to the court arguments and create responses for the defendant in real time...

The defendant will listen to the responses through headphones and then repeat them to the judge. The best part? If the robot lawyer loses the case, DoNotPay will cover any fines 🤯

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, bringing this product to market will not be easy. For starters, their tech isn't legal in most courtrooms, since many states require all parties to consent to recordings.

However, just because it isn't possible in all places today, doesn't mean it's not worth pursuing. In fact, DoNotPay is using their AI bot to help a defendant fight a traffic ticket in court next month. The first time this has ever been done!

DoNotPay is also effective for dealing with other use cases like customer service disputes or lowering bills. They've already won over 2 million customer service disputes to date! (If you got screwed by @SouthwestAir over the holidays, this could be a good option 😉)

Like many AI use cases, DoNotPay's model raises a lot of questions for the future: -Should phones be allowed in all court rooms? -Will the judges eventually be AI too? -Will a human or code decide what is right or wrong? @micsolana breaks it down 👇

In my opinion, I think this is definitely a path worth pursuing. There's no denying the legal system is broken, and if leveraged correctly, AI may become the ultimate equalizer in the court room. So the next time you're in court, don't call Saul... call an AI robot instead!