In 2023 we're building @web3pills into a Web3 media behemoth. I published a post on @viamirror describing why I chose this path & what our strategy is to reach our goals. Here is the summary 🧵

Before starting any project, it's important to begin with WHY. For me there were 2 levels for this: The first was that I have built complete conviction in Web3 and am here for the long haul.

I didn't have this conviction back in 2017 when people like my roommates @nneverlander and @ivanbogatyy were going full time. However, after years of cutting my teeth in big tech + building a financial base, I am committed to staying until I have given it my all.

However, once I made this decision, I was left with another question... WHAT should I build? This is a complicated question because it is really hard to find product-market fit in crypto right now. To properly contextualize this point, let's look at the facts...

Only a small group of companies in crypto like @coinbase & @opensea have found any semblance of product-market fit The situation is even more bleak when you go to the decentralized space where only a few protocols & dApps have traction (@Uniswap still only averages ~15K DAUs)

I have confidence that this situation will improve over time; and I have massive respect for the teams that are in the arena trying to crack this code. But I’ve decided that the typical protocol or dApp path isn’t right for me at this time.

For the past few months I’d been spinning my wheels, until I realized that the answer had been in front of me all along... While many dApps still do not have strong product-market fit, many crypto media projects DO have it.

Outlets like @Coindesk, @DefiantNews, and @BanklessHQ have content being consumed by hundreds of thousands of people EVERY SINGLE DAY. Once I began viewing content/media through this lens, it made it increasingly clear to me that this was the right path to pursue.

Obviously there’s a number of existing Web3 media platforms already out there While I’m an extremely competitive person, I draw a lot of inspiration from them Seeing the Bankless guys grow their platform or how Milk Road went from 0 to 250,000+ followers in a year is inspiring

However, I believe I have a strategy that is differentiated and will ultimately allow Web3 Pills to one day become THE premier source of crypto media and news in the future. Without revealing too much about the strategy there are a few core tenants I will be leaning into:

1) Cover the full breadth of Web3: While it’s important that some platforms have narrowed in on specific segments of Web3 such as the Metaverse, NFTs or token trading, I want people to be able to find content on ALL of these topics when they come to the Web3 Pills platform.

2) No Blockchain Maximalism: A few months ago, I wrote an Op-ed for Coindesk about my goal to put an end to maximalism in crypto. The reality is that our industry is too nascent for us to be turning on each other now.

3) Actually leverage Web3 tech: Long term, we will use the power of Web3, to help grow our platform. Web3 offers new ways to monetize content, run decentralized governance & store/distribute media. For instance, I published my blog post on-chain with Mirror.

I titled this article why ‘I’m’ building a Web3 media platform, but in reality this will be a team effort. There is only so much impact I can make on my own. That’s the difference between being a lone content creator vs a full-scale media platform.

While I will leverage my online presence to drive growth for the platform, ultimately we are building a community of creators I’ve already brought on all stars like @buxdabomb, @thinkgrowcrypto & @AhmadloneSuhail to create content I plan to hire dozens more creators in 2023

We are also partnering with other groups like @MarioNawfal's Crypto @RoundtableSpace, which offers a great entry point for those just getting their feet wet in crypto. Web3 Pills offers a great next step for those that wish to go more technical/deeper after initial exposure.

If you are a content creator who is interested in applying to be part of the team, please fill out this application 👇

In conclusion, while our industry still faces significant headwinds, I am confident that we are building the future of the internet together. I’m excited to be playing my part by scaling the Web3 Pills media platform, and I Invite you all to join us along the way!

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