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Top 5 projects that raised money in January, 2023

1/ What's new in #DeFi? Every month I follow where the money flows to find out. Early-stage projects that secure funding during bear markets have a good chance of thriving in bull runs. Here's the current state of fundraising & top 5 projects that just raised money: 🧵

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DeFi Option Protocols: A Gold Mine Waiting to be Discovered.

1/ Options trading is one of the most overlooked areas of #DeFi But it's only a matter of time until they take off. Here's your chance to catch up and learn what option protocols have to offer: 🧵

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The current state of RWAs to help you catch the wave 🌊

1/ The Real-World Asset revolution in #DeFi is already here — but many aren't paying enough attention yet. Here's the current state of RWAs to help you catch the wave 🌊

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Guess the token!

1/6 Alpha Quiz Time: Guess the token with a $10M market cap and $2B in total value locked. It has the lowest Mcap/TVL ratio at 0.01

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Shiba Inu Ecosystem: L2, NFTs, AMM and more

1/ Shiba Inu meme-coin is launching its own Layer 2, Shibarium. At a $6.2B market cap, it will be the second largest L2 solution. That's not all—they are building their own DEX, NFTs, Metaverse, and stablecoin, too. Here's why you should pay attention: 🧵

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Shiba Inu Ecosystem. Why should you care?

1/ Shiba Inu is building an ecosystem around its $SHIB meme token: ✅DEX ✅Yield farming ✅NFTs ✅Strong #Shibarmy community ⏳Layer 2 - Shibarium ⏳Stablecoin $SHI ⏳SHIB: The Metaverse ⏳Reward token $TREAT But why should you care? 🧵

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Airdrops based on on-chain data

1/ If the market continues to go up, projects will start launching their own tokens—which means airdrops. I'm sure teams have strategies in place, so they're waiting for the best timing to start. Obvious plays are $ARBI, $ZKS, $ZRO... But on-chain data shows a few more:🧵

2/ There are so many threads on airdrops that I feel uncomfortable writing one more myself. But @nansen_alpha created an 'Airdrop Pro' tag, tracking the most profitable airdrop hunters on-chain. Alpha usually costs $2k per month, but this time it's free. Let's start:

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DeFi meets TradFi

1/ DeFi yields are low, but there's an opportunity to bring TradFi yields into the mix. A few protocols are doing just that: 🧵

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What's new in DeFi (Nov/Dec)

1/ What's new in #DeFi? Every month I follow the money to find out. Unfortunately, the last two months were the worst for crypto fundraising in two years. But these top 5 DeFi projects managed to pull it off 🧵

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