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Where to Look

You may feel lost when under pressure. You may feel lonely when stressed. You don't have to do it alone. Let me tell you about a few communities and people who are valuable sources of comfort.

🤗 @thehugxyz With leadership from two of the most lovable and caring folks in the space comes one of the most helpful communities of curators and tastemakers. The pairing of @debsoon and @randizuckerberg stewarding a rockstar team with @lorrNFT @cropcircle_eth @NicMints + more

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Community Strategy 🤝

A Community Strategist is as, if not more important, than hiring a Community Manager. In the new year of building, it will be all about setting yourself up for success. Let's look at what a Community Strategist does and what they can do for you. 🧵

I'll define these two words separately and then combine them to determine how they fit into the web3 space. I'm not here to give all the answers but my perspective, so your mileage (and opinion) may vary.

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Community Trends for 2023

Community themes and best practices for 2023 Including: Events and Activations Networking Design and Strategy Creative Building Job outlook🧵

Overarching themes for 2023 community are: Collaboration over competition Creative freedom Slow and patient building Obsessive curiosity Both critical and absurd content Stewardship of both culture and abundance

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Together Information Release 🤝

Together project information release 💖 We're very excited to share a lot of new information today and recap some already existing information in one place. 🤝

What we'll cover: Problems being solved and their solutions FAQ Community Value Where funds go How the community works Design refresh and NFT preview

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Community Woes

Discord as a community chat platform is entirely fascinating. Some thoughts on the evolution of chat platforms as communication outlets for web3 brands as we head into 2023. 🧵

I've been a user of @discord since April 1, 2017. Before my involvement in the web3 ecosystem, I used the platform for gaming, D&D groups, identity groups, and friend and tech communities. I get asked all the time about my opinion of Discord.

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working in web3... some lessons

Working in web3... Lessons learned from: Finding work Navigating that work Caring for teammates 🧵

You probably don't understand or see how much work contributors put into this space. Workers are often burnt out, underpaid, underappreciated, and leaving left and right for various reasons on top of a poor macro market. We must take actionable steps to be better.

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🧵 Thread

Sometimes ripping off the band-aid is the best solution, so here goes! Today is my last day as a full-time employee of @MyBFF... read on for some closing thoughts. 🧵

2/18 This thread is challenging but important to write. 🚀 My journey into the belly of web3 via BFF 👩‍💼 Team dynamics and the significance of diversity 🔜 Where I'm going next

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SuperCreatives One Month recap

A month after @MyBFF laid the foundation for micro-communities within BFF, we're taking today to chat about what 🌟SuperCreatives have been up to 🧵

🌟SuperCreatives is our first micro-community formed to allow holders of BFF Friendship Bracelets to learn, create, build community, and advance their craft. The community is open to all who create, not just visual artists! /2

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rileybeans weekly round-up 5/29/22

It was another busy week at rileybeansHQ, so I thought I would compile a 🧵 of my favorite tweets from the week. Don't miss the very end 😉

On Monday, I talked about how important transparency is in web3 /2 https://twitter.com/rileybeans_eth/status/1528798000662958085?s=20&t=2DVCnaslGYA5r5GkcAaxXw

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🧵 Thread

A quick thread on a few things that have been on my mind 🧠 lately regarding language, burnout, and community I haven't yet had a chance to write about until now. 🧵👇

🧠 The way people in the NFT space think and react is so fascinating. Many people buy into the hype, speculate on a pump, and get angry at Founders and team members when your bags aren't 10x two hours after the reveal. /2

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