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🧵/ What I'm reading this week #006. Every week, I scour the web to curate 10 pieces of content at the intersection of Web3, NFTs, macro, community & startup growth.

In this edition: • Decentralized Socials • Digital Twinning • Social Tokens • Incentive Design • Community Narratives • Mutuality & Agency in Community • Minimum Viable Expectations in Community • Digital Cities • Fans & Creators • Sovereign Crypto-Native Let's. 🤓

#DecentralizedSocial Media. Why separating the social graph (eg. followers, connections) from the app layer (eg. IG for photos, TW for news, etc.) unlocks huge data ownership/portability & value in Web3 socials. By @thepsychguy_eth @0xPolygon. https://polygontech.medium.com/decentralized-social-media-the-future-of-connections-or-an-unnecessary-niche-22916a930be

#NFTs Digital Twinning. Why the value of physical goods can be augmented by their digital NFT twin (eg. authenticity, metadata, status, etc.), but also viceversa (eg. unlock token-gated features), AND in tandem w/the user PFP (eg. data). By DocTom. https://blog.cryptostars.is/web3-non-fungible-twins-7d6bacc74ff3

The Paradox of #SocialTokens. Why current social tokens grow like Veblen Goods — based on exclusivity/scarcity — potentially restricting access to future members, and why quests (what we do vs. what we have) could solve this. By @gaby_goldberg. https://gaby.mirror.xyz/zqchiBQhWWS49gaabLU92-BUUwfBL5aHCtNT88VTI8o

#IncentiveDesign 101. Why you need to design incentives that are both financial and non-, and that rewards both short- and long-term participation in order to build active and long-lasting communities. By @cathybarreraphd. https://medium.com/prysmeconomics/blockchain-incentives-101-what-they-are-and-why-they-matter-5127afb56aeb

#Narrative Building in Community. Why your go-to-community strategy needs a clear narrative to reach the hearts and minds of your members — made of v/clear "who", "why", "how", and then your "solution". And how to write one. By @CDTEliot @CoinviseCo. https://coinvise.substack.com/p/shape-a-narrative-that-wins-people

Mutuality & Agency in #Community Building. Why your incentives need to be built around mutuality — serve both members & brand — and agency — giving multiple layers of participation/contribution that are aligned w/the core community goals. By DocTom. https://blog.cryptostars.is/web3-a-recipe-for-brand-community-success-badb07da541a

Minimum Viable Expectations in #Community Building. Why your community members need an MVE that is financial-, time-, or impact-based, and encourage leadership (eg. members to create and lead their own sub-communities). By @CDTEliot @CoinviseCo. https://coinvise.substack.com/p/shaping-a-community-members-cant

Digital Cities. Why digital cities are currently built on "borrowed land" and why they'll need sovereign digital spaces (eg. interoperable social media) to foster discourse and eventually materialize IRL. By @chaserchapman @0xMetropolis. https://metropolis.mirror.xyz/hqOlPr8Pg60rtvJpVyaVraxpc7b2miyK7WAbw6ywXIc

#Fans are the New Creators. Why the lines between fans and creators are blurring, with #cc0 paving the way for fans to build a derivative economy, and more and more Web3 projects embedding co-creation as part of their unique value prop. By @ljin18. https://li.substack.com/p/fans-are-the-new-creators

The #Sovereign Crypto-Native. Why the combination of sovereign ideals and Web3 technology is leading to more individual autonomy, where people will choose their citizenship in environments that enable financial freedom and social inclusion. https://newsletter.banklesshq.com/p/the-sovereign-crypto-native

Here's the entire @notion swipe file where you can find these and more contents bookmarked every week. https://www.notion.so/titta/a7df8af80eba45278edadca6d96c98e6?v=36307bd6c58d4ce699998a97516e8fde

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