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🧡/ What I'm reading this week #004. Every week, I curate the most interesting 10 pieces of content about #Web3, #macro, #startups, and #growth.

In this edition, you'll find: β€’ Critiques to @thenetworkstate β€’ Actionable #gamification frameworks β€’ Intro to #GenAlpha β€’ The real value of #cc0 β€’ On #productive communications

β€’ Towards a #Multichain future β€’ #DAO starter guide β€’ Overview of @yugalabs IP ecosystem β€’ #TheMerge @DuneAnalytics dashboards β€’ @WarrenBuffett's finance rule of thumbs Let's. 🀝

What @VitalikButerin thinks about @balajis's @thenetworkstate. 🌐 An important analysis, made of thoughtful suggestions and constructive critiques (plus a link to the full book app). https://vitalik.ca/general/2022/07/13/networkstates.html https://thenetworkstate.com/

Why every product that is built on actionable #gamification drives long-lasting retention and motivation. πŸ•Ή A critical guide by @gregisenberg on how to build modern products (plus a link to the full framework by @yukaichou). https://twitter.com/gregisenberg/status/1563541000236462080 https://yukaichou.com/gamification-examples/octalysis-complete-gamification-framework/

Who is #GenAlpha and why it's essential to learn about their social awareness, sense of ownership, and commitment to building a better future. πŸ‘Ά An insightful and important article by @nicecobra from @Shopify. https://www.shopify.com/blog/gen-alpha

Why #cc0 is unlocking a derivative economy that drives compounding value via composability across multiple verticals β€”Β both digital and physical. 🧩 A detailed and informative article by @flashrekt & @skominers via @a16z crypto. https://a16zcrypto.com/cc0-nft-creative-commons-zero-license-rights/

Why being productive means cutting to the chase and focusing communications on compact, informed decision-making (or, at the very least, recommendation making). ⚑️ A detailed guide by @punk6529. https://twitter.com/punk6529/status/1562510420644343810

Why blockchains modularity, composability, and protocols are distributing core primitives across multiple societies (just like shipping containers!). And why we need to fix bridges to ensure #multichain security. πŸŒ‰ Great thread by @shivsakhuja. https://twitter.com/shivsakhuja/status/1561972862503645185

An overview of the impressive @yugalabs' IP ecosystem beyond #PFPs across music, fashion, food, media, retail, agencies, and more (built in less than a year!). πŸ™Š An eye-opening thread by @harry_forj. https://twitter.com/harry_forj/status/1561573214479958016

How the main #DAO governance models work β€” ft. @ensdomains, @FWBtweets, @ConstitutionDAO, and @juiceboxETH. πŸ—³ A great starter guide by @Cointelegraph. https://cointelegraph.com/decentralized-automated-organizations-daos-guide-for-beginners/dao-governance-models-a-beginners-guide

The top 10 dashboards to follow on The @ethereum Merge. πŸ“Š An interesting list to keep an eye on by the @duneanalytics team. https://twitter.com/DuneAnalytics/status/1562021273575751680

How @WarrenBuffett evaluates late-stage companies' financial statements with 9 easy rules of thumb across multiple indicators. πŸ“ˆ An interesting, detailed thread by @Brian_Stoffel_. https://twitter.com/Brian_Stoffel_/status/1563495554633437188

Here's the entire @notion swipe file where I store all these contents β€”Β feel free to copy it as a template. https://www.notion.so/titta/a7df8af80eba45278edadca6d96c98e6?v=36307bd6c58d4ce699998a97516e8fde