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2 months ago

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🧡/ What I'm reading this week. Every week, I consume tens of articles, videos, and tweets about Web3, macro, startups, and growth. I bookmark some of them in a public @notion database (link below). Here's a curation of my top 10 from this week. (hit ❀️ to read this later)

What you'll usually find: β€’ Teardowns, analyses, news, frameworks, and case studies β€’ Thoughtful, close-to-impartial, long-form content β€’ From those I consider reputable sources (see below) https://twitter.com/matteo_titta/status/1543537529235709952

Why @ethereum is the World Computer, and How It Works. An incredibly intuitive and visual thread by @SalomonCrypto. πŸ‘Ύ https://twitter.com/SalomonCrypto/status/1552380155246641154

Why #GenerativeArt is Not a Fad, and How AI, Curation, and Artistic Vision (aka Taste) are Becoming Keys of the New Artistic Process. πŸ–Œ A data-backed analysis by @0xPrismatic from @Delphi_Digital. https://twitter.com/0xprismatic/status/1553742420558462976

How @nounsdao is Using Dilutive Governance, Simple/Stable Mission, and Open Source to Tackle Typical Challenges of #DAO governance. 🀝 A thoughtful & technical teardown by @LucaProsperi. https://dirtroads.substack.com/p/-44-nouns-dao-organically-dilutive

Why the FED is Contradicting Themselves on Inflation Expectations and Feeding Uncertainty to an Already Uncertain Economy. πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ An insightful teardown of the latest FED meeting by @coinbureau.

Why You Should Run a #DAO Like a Business, With a Constitution, Fees to Fund Operations, and Few Global Token Votes. πŸ“Š A thought-provoking piece by @TrustlessState from @BanklessHQ. https://newsletter.banklesshq.com/p/defi-tokens-dao-governance-broken-fix

What's the Latest with @0xPolygon Impressive Developments, Their Partnerships Frenzy, and Some Transparency Concerns. πŸ€” Another important, challenging teardown by @coinbureau.

How to Run Landing Page Research and Extrapolate Key Components to Build Yours with a Compelling Story. πŸ’» Super interesting and visual approach by @joshmillgate. https://twitter.com/joshmillgate/status/1552999257526910978

How to Think Through Your Business Growth Strategy in Four Simple Steps. πŸ“ˆ A simple and visual framework by @matt_gray_. https://twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1555890713883283456

How to Use Second-Order Descriptions and Your Unfiltered Voice to Write More Engaging Copy. πŸ–Š A thoughtful, example-rich thread by @Julian. https://twitter.com/Julian/status/1555584427261997056

Why #NFTs are Not a Fad, and Twenty Four Real-Life Use Cases for NFTs Beyond Just Profile Pictures. πŸ”— A great visual analysis by @shivsakhuja. https://twitter.com/shivsakhuja/status/1551963510803877888

As promised, here's access to the full swipe file β€” feel free to copy it to your @notion. It doesn't include tweets/videos yet, should I add them in? https://www.notion.so/titta/a7df8af80eba45278edadca6d96c98e6?v=36307bd6c58d4ce699998a97516e8fde