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ETH Staking Withdrawals - ELI5 Thread

If you hold $ETH, you should pay attention: If ETH withdrawals were enabled today, ~1M ETH would be automatically withdrawn in 5 days. This could be just the tip of the iceberg as 16.3M staked ETH would become free to move. "ETH Withdrawals ELI5" thread you should read today:

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Are Social Trading Platforms The Next Big Thing in Crypto?

In TradFi this initiative clearly has product-market fit: ➡️ One app had 29M users and $8.8B valuation in 2022. Yet, it hasn't taken off in crypto so far due to complex UX/UI. If done well, it's a BILLION DOLLAR idea. How to get exposure to this EMERGING NARRATIVE? 🧵👇

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5 Mistakes That Made an Influencer Lose His Net Worth

When even known influencers get hacked, you start worrying about your own safety. Instead, you should use these events as learning opportunity. 5 mistakes that made @NFT_GOD lose his net worth and what you should learn from them:

What happened? @NFT_GOD got hacked and loast a life changing amount of his net worth. His Twitter, Substack, Gmail, Discord and all wallets were taken over by an attacker. And all was caused by a few little mistakes that could have been avoided with simple security measures. https://twitter.com/NFT_GOD/status/1614442000958324739

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10 Biggest Crypto Narratives for 2023

Being early to a hot narrative is the simplest way to make OUTSIZED RETURNS. Identifying this narrative is a bit more challenging... I reviewed hundreds of pages in multiple crypto reports and made a list of 10 BIGGEST NARRATIVES for 2023 + related money making opportunities:

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Top Arbitrum Builders - Portfolio Review and Upcoming Catalysts

A month ago I published a list of top Arbitrum builders with the potential to outperform the market. Time to review my portfolio of: $DPX, $PLS, $VSTA, $SPA, $JONES and $UMAMI I share: - Current performance - Upcoming catalysts - Some alpha leaks Enjoy! 🧵👇

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How to Make Money on Crypto Volatility Without Directional Bets?

It's been a pretty boring time pricewise... Calm before the storm? Crypto Volatility Index (CVI) is almost at ATL. If you believe some volatility is coming very soon, you can make money on it. And you don't have to predict if prices will go up or down! See how: 🧵👇

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Use a Good Password Manager or Get Hacked

LastPass has compromised users' passwords? Using password manager is a must but I've always been wary of cloud-based solutions like LastPass. If you need an alternative solution or you don't use password manager at all, read this short thread before it's too late. 🧵👇 https://twitter.com/cryptopathic/status/1606416137771782151

WHAT IS A PASSWORD MANAGER? It's software that helps users store and manage their passwords in a secure way. Password managers are designed to make it easier for users to create and use strong, unique passwords for their various accounts.

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5 Tips How to Stay Sane During A Crypto Bear Market

A crypto bear market may be long and brutal. Here are 5 tips how to stay sane and keep yourself entertained:

➡️ Set Limits on Screen Time Take breaks from constantly checking the market and set limits on your screen time. It's important to have a healthy balance and not let the market consume all of your time and energy.

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Top 10 New Projects Launching on Arbitrum

You don't have to be a genius to make 100x in crypto. Sometimes being early is all it takes. I analysed new Arbitrum projects and chose 10 that look the most promising. They don't have a token so it's still early (airdrop?) 🪂 Free alpha for each project! 🧵👇

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Top Arbitrum Projects With Potential to Outperform the Market

Investing in great builders in 2019 (e.g. $AAVE, $SNX) were "simple" 100-1000x. I analysed top Arbitrum projects searching for builders willing to ship through the bear market and found 6 promising ones. Check why I believe they have potential to outperform the market. 🧵👇

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