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Reaction to AWS releasing something

AWS: releases a 4-seat SUV. Tech thought leaders: 1️⃣ "Dammit AWS, this is too big for the 1 me to use to cross the street. Followers, this is shit, do not use!" 2️⃣ "Dammit AWS, this does not have the 56 seats I need to transport people. Audience, this is shit, do not use!" 🤦

AWS: releases a fun convertible car, good mileage, $50k price, super-comfortable. Shitfluencers: dammit AWS, the trunk of this is so small. How can I carry 5 tons of fertilizer with this!?! Dear followers, this is a shit service, do not use. 🙄

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re:Invent 2022 recap

After watching 289 talks, I can now confidently share my re:Invent 2022 recap 🕵️‍♂️ Verdict: I am whelmed. Not underwhelmed or overwhelmed, just whelmed. Since there were a bunch of other "unboxing" recaps already, here's a thread with an ✨actionable✨ recap.

Beware #1: I am a dum-dum working with partial information here. There's a fair chance this thread will have at least a couple mistakes or bad takes. Always hedge your bets! Beware #2: I am only *only* talking about re:Invent launches. No pre-invent releases!

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Recipe for disaster: AWS' Deployment Pipeline Reference Architecture

Another "so close and yet so far away" release from AWS AWS needs to realize that: 1️⃣there's a world outside AWS 2️⃣not everybody has AWS' reliability requirements & profit margins This could've been awesome, but no, AWS keeps repeating the same mistakes https://pipelines.devops.aws.dev

To be fair, the Deployment Pipeline Reference Architecture (DPRA) gets *A LOT* of things right. Good job on that! Seriously 👏 I especially like all the examples! And there's a big need for something like this. I applaud AWS tackling this! But then problems starts to appear...

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Office Hours

Announcing the return of office hours — now in a paid, 1-hour format! For 1000€, you can get my thoughts on any problem and actionable solutions for your company. No more strategic blunders! https://office-hours.vladionescu.me

I used to do this a lot in the past: folks reached out to get my thoughts over DMs/email and we'd schedule something. Due to a bunch of abuse I was forced to stop 😞 I missed them A LOT, so paid office hours is my attempt at bringing this back! We'll see how it goes 🤞

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August 24 Fargate outage

As an ECS on Fargate fan, I got a lot of questions about the recent incident / outage. Let's talk about it... 🧵 1/43 TL;DR: meh. Incidents happen and this one did not teach us anything new about building on AWS. I expect more profound drama during these roaring 20s!

Disclaimer: everything fails all the time! I view incidents as "normal" and this thread reflects that. Yes, AWS had incidents. Yes, us-east-1 is HUGE so it gets interesting incidents. Yes, AWS is bad at communication. This is the default and well-known state!

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Observability 101

The thoughts in the quoted thread ruffled some feathers, so let's do a quick observability 101. Alternative title: "how to not get abused by your logging/ monitoring/ o11y vendor" A 30-tweet thread cause I am trying to micro-blog 👇 https://twitter.com/iamvlaaaaaaad/status/1543892406969442304

If you speak Romanian, I already gave a talk on this topic at Bucharest's Cloud Native Meetup in September 2021! See this video, starting at 51:05: https://youtu.be/XFP1-45ZL08?t=3065 Watch that instead, as this thread is an English re-cap of that talk!

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CodeWhisperer vs Copilot

Let's see how Amazon CodeWhisperer and GitHub Copilot compare! CodeWhisperer: in preview, just announced. Python, Java, JS Copilot: generally available, just graduated from preview. Dozens of languages(?) I'll compare a couple scenarios, but let me know if you have test ideas👇

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Rant: can we please stop pretending that serverless in 2022 is the same thing as serverless in 2016?

Rant: can we please stop pretending that serverless in 2022 is the same thing as serverless in 2016? We're intellectually masturbating about what "serverless" means and we're confusing people, all while we're like on serverless v3! Of course v3 products don't fit in v1 boxes!

TL;DR: Serverless v1 came in with a bang but failed to capture most of the market. Serverless v2 is an effort to apply serverless practices to things most people already know and do, but "it's nOt TruE sERvErLeSs". At the same time, Serverless v3 is exploring what's next.

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Coding exercises for interviews need to not be terrible

Brave: you're hiring and your process includes a coding quiz/take-home exercise Really brave: you're doing the above and assuming everybody has a dev env with 15 specific tools and DBs already installed, configured, and working perfectly "SWE candidates are so bad these days"🙄

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Scaling containers on AWS in 2022

What's the fastest way to scale containers on AWS in 2022? Is EKS faster than ECS? What's faster: serverless workers (Fargate) or to serverful workers (EC2)? What about App Runner and Lambda? Now we know: https://www.vladionescu.me/posts/scaling-containers-on-aws-in-2022

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