AWS: releases a 4-seat SUV. Tech thought leaders: 1️⃣ "Dammit AWS, this is too big for the 1 me to use to cross the street. Followers, this is shit, do not use!" 2️⃣ "Dammit AWS, this does not have the 56 seats I need to transport people. Audience, this is shit, do not use!" 🤦

AWS: releases a fun convertible car, good mileage, $50k price, super-comfortable. Shitfluencers: dammit AWS, the trunk of this is so small. How can I carry 5 tons of fertilizer with this!?! Dear followers, this is a shit service, do not use. 🙄

AWS: releases high-performance sports car, 0-to-100 in 0.5s, max speed of 800km/h, street-legal, costing around $200k full-option. Shitfluencers: dammit AWS, how can I use this to take kids to school?! It's too expensive! Followers, AWS is shitty and out of touch! 😒

AWS: releases an electric pickup truck that can tow up to 30000lbs, 5000 miles range, $150k all-in price. Shitfluencers: dammit AWS, this is so hard to use on the small streets of Paris. Horrible turning radius! Dear people trying to learn from me, this is shit, do not use. 🙃

AWS: releases a cargo plane that's 90% cheaper. Shitfluencers: dammit AWS, why can't I get this straight out of the factory painted back and with diamond encrusted on the wings?! Followers, AWS is outdated and you should build your own planes — here's my guide on that. 😑

AWS: releases a nice city e-bike, with integrated pants shield, comfortable seat, angel-like suspension. Shitfluencers: dammit AWS, I can't even reach 200km/h with this. Even a Ford is faster than this!?! Dear people that look at me for guidance, this is shit, do not use. 😬