Announcing the return of office hours — now in a paid, 1-hour format! For 1000€, you can get my thoughts on any problem and actionable solutions for your company. No more strategic blunders!

I used to do this a lot in the past: folks reached out to get my thoughts over DMs/email and we'd schedule something. Due to a bunch of abuse I was forced to stop 😞 I missed them A LOT, so paid office hours is my attempt at bringing this back! We'll see how it goes 🤞

How does this work? Every Wednesday I'll have a few open slots for office hours. Using a pretty @savvycal interface you'll pick the ideal time, reserve it, and pay using @stripe. You'll then get a link for a scheduled one-hour Zoom where we'll chat about whatever you want!

What will we talk about? Whatever you want! Tech, leadership, strategy or even whiskey, cats, or whatever else you want! It's totally up to you so don't be shy 🔥

How do we make the most of our time? Come prepared! Say, if you book office hours for an architectural review and we spend 45 minutes drawing a diagram together... that's not good. If you come to the call with the diagram already done, we can get down to business immediately 😉

Any limitations? Thee office hours aren't meant to replace my consulting work, so there are a few limitations: - duration: limited to 60 minutes and we won't go over - frequency: limited to 1 call per quarter per company Depending on how this goes, I may add other restrictions.

What should I do next? Get your credit card ready, pick a time on, pay, and then prepare for our call!