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Announcing: Marketing Like A Media Company

I'm excited to finally launch my new course: 🎥 Marketing Like A Media Company You've probably heard that "the best marketing looks like building media company" Well, I spent the last few months studying what that *actually* looks like and how to do it.

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🧵 Thread

Really stoked to be partnering with @TheJuiceHQ to bring @SwipeFilesco to their platform! Think of it as ✨ Spotify for sales & marketing content ✨ Here's what we'll be doing...

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Free workshop if you're doing 2022 planning... ✨ How to create a SaaS marketing plan in 6 steps ✨ I take you through my exact process: 1. Goal setting 2. Budgeting 3. Choosing a target market 4. Customer research 5. Product roadmap 6. Key projects https://community.swipefiles.com/c/workshops/how-to-create-a-marketing-plan-in-6-steps-1cb3cdaf-241d-4ae7-b0a6-67d035cede28

Reacquiring HeyMarketers.com

Some news: I reacquired heymarketers.com! 🎉 After selling it in November of 2020, it's now back in my hands again and I couldn't be more excited. It's now the Swipe Files Job Board — the best marketing jobs in tech. Here's the story and what's next...

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Looking for some inspiration to market your SaaS? Get a daily drip of tiny marketing ideas 👇 swipefiles.com/tiny

Finally published my user manual publicly. Have you created one? https://www.coreyhaines.co/blog/manual

LTV is useless for SaaS

I'm tired of hearing about LTV:CAC being a useful metric for SaaS/subscription I think it should be EXTINGUISHED from our vocabulary. Why? 1. LTV is a shoddy way to measure value capture 2. You need piles of VC $$$ 3. There's a superior metric you should use instead ↓

LTV:CAC is fundamentally trying to answer two questions: 1. How quickly can I recoup the cost to acquire a customer? 2. How much can I reasonably afford to pay to acquire a customer? We'll get back to these at the end.

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SaaS companies do these parts of marketing better than everyone else

Study B2B SaaS companies and you'll find that they do these parts of marketing better than anyone else: • Onboarding • Content marketing • Conferences • Engineering as marketing • Partner & reseller programs Steal these lessons ↓

ONBOARDING Onboarding is the crux of making a SaaS business work. You can have the best marketing in the world. But if you can't successfully onboard users into your product, they'll churn out. This is why SaaS companies are world-class at onboarding: THEY HAVE TO BE.

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